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Brian Dalinghaus

Brian Dalinghaus

I grew up on our family farm in a small town in Northeast Kansas. On the farm I was able to learn a lot of life long skills from my mother and father that I am able to utilize in the world today. I graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelors degree in Elementry Education in 2004. I have worked in the foundation repair industry since 2005 and started as just a general laborer in the industry. I was able to learn many skills and more importantly meet many great people within this industry. Our company motto is “Never Settle” and I truly believe that no matter what your current situation may be, that you should never settle for being the status quo, never settle for mediocrity or settling with a low value of your own self worth.

Hometown: Seneca, KS
Employee Since: 2013
Hobbies: Love spending time with my family and even more love is had when we are on the lake! Learning a variety of new things whether it be a new trade or an alternate way of thinking and doing things. Outdoor activities are great for myself to decompress and reconnect with my friends and family.
Certifications: Deep Foundation Institute Guest Speaker, Certified Pile Installer for multiple manufacturing companies
Interesting Fact: Not many know, but I had open heart surgery when I was 1 year old. I also have an Elementary Education degree from Kansas State University.
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