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Foundation Repair In The City of Newport Beach

Light its neighbor Huntington Beach, Newport Beach faces very similar conditions when it comes to soil. They’re sandier with some homes residing on slopes, all of which present their own challenges. Thankfully, those challenges can be addressed.

Dalinghaus Construction specializes in hillside stabilization, foundation stabilization, foundation leveling, and seawall repair for residential and commercial properties. Being in the foundation repair industry only since 2015, we’ve succeeded in over 2000 foundation repair projects. Dalinghaus Construction has earned its badge as a reliable foundation repair service in Newport Beach, whether closer to the coast or inland.

Our teams are focused on attention to detail, making sure your foundation repair or seawall repair job is done right the first time. That way you can have peace of mind.

What are the signs of foundation problems in Newport Beach, CA?

You’ll never only find just one of these signs in your home when it comes to foundation repair. Rather, you’ll find multiple. When you see more than one sign, have a professional come out to evaluate the foundation of your home.

You might also start to see a bowing retaining wall that requires hillside stabilization depending on if your property is on a slope.

Newport Beach, CA, presents many of its own problems with foundation settlement, failing retaining walls, and damaged seawalls. These issues can be long-term if they’re not given attention.

While Newport Beach has sandy soils, it’s still just as susceptible to the same foundation issues as its neighbors. Depending on the levels of moisture, the area is still vulnerable to soil expansion and contraction. This can be due to moisture levels, fluctuations in temperature, and various environmental factors that involve needing hillside stabilization.

They aren’t issues you can resolve on your own, you want a trusted professional to do your foundation repair, seawall repair, or hillside stabilization.

Thankfully, sandier soils are ideal for void fill and deep injection with polyurethane, especially at the seafront. Polyurethane foam can be as hard as concrete, strengthening the soil underneath your home or by your seawall. And it’s environmentally friendly!

Dalinghaus Construction is trusted in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. We provide quality work in areas such as Newport Beach, CA, and surrounding areas. We can help you with your foundation repair, seawall repair, and hillside stabilization needs.

What does the foundation repair process look like?

When our Project Design Specialists come to Newport Beach, CA, a foundation inspection is conducted to find the issues and the extent of the damage to your foundation, seawall, or retaining wall. A scaled home diagram and floor elevation measurements are taken to properly evaluate the property.

Then a repair plan is created based on what was found during the initial inspection. This includes a CAD drawing of your property, a full report on what was found, and a repair plan recommended by our project design specialist.

Lastly, repairs will be made based on the proposed plan and required city permits.

What are the most common methods for foundation repair, seawall repair, and hillside stabilization ?

There are two common and effective methods used for foundation repair.

Push piers do what the name implies. They are hydraulically driven, or “pushed,” into the ground to lift and/or stabilize sinking foundations.

Helical piers are also driven into the ground using a motor to put the pier in the ground like a screw. They have helices on the base, making it easier to think of them like putting in a screw.

Polyurethane will be injected under your slab-on-grade foundation home to strengthen the soil and stabilize the foundation. It will often be used for deep injection and void fill. Polyurethane foam is as hard as concrete when cured and is environmentally friendly.

Hillside stabilization is done to prevent your retaining wall from giving out. You don’t want soil eating up your or your neighbor’s home. Helical tiebacks are installed into your retaining wall to give them more strength and longevity to hold the laterally moving soil at bay.

Seawall repair is necessary for keeping water at bay and making sure your soil stays where it’s at. After all, you don’t want your home or business to become part of Atlantis. The property would be going into the wrong ocean, anyway. Either way, cracks, and concrete spalling can be addressed to make sure your seawall is working as well as when it was first installed. That and polyurethane will be injected behind the seawall for void fill and combat hydrostatic pressure.

How are foundation cracks repaired?

There are two main ways you’ll see foundation cracks repaired. Epoxy and carbon fiber stitching.

Epoxy fills the cracks with a special type of glue-like substance that acts like an incredibly effective glue.

Carbon fiber stitching fixes foundation cracks using tiny pieces of carbon fibers stitched into the foundation wall or concrete slab, providing extra strength and preventing additional cracks. It is excellent in repelling water.


8 reasons for foundation repair, hillside stabilization, and seawall repair in Newport Beach, CA


Living in a damaged home can feel uncomfortable. The damage will be mostly cosmetic, but it can be structural if left unaddressed. If the damage is significant enough, it can be red-tagged.


Foundation issues don’t fix themselves. You want to do foundation repair to prevent the small problems from becoming worse. If you see your issues get worse, your foundation repair will be more expensive.


Seawalls are essential for any beachfront property. After all, it’s the barrier between the water and the soil. When the waves crash, they naturally erode the soil. When a seawall fails, it can put your property in danger. Plus, the property value will go down over time.


When a property is on a slope, the soil is susceptible to lateral movement. A slow movement (hopefully), but movement nonetheless. You don’t want your home sliding down a hill. You’ll find your property moving horizontally and vertically.

Foundation settlement and lateral movement are not your friends. Hillside stabilization and reinforcing your retaining wall make it so the soil is more likely to stay in place.

home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Foundation settlement usually doesn’t cause your whole home to sink. It happens differentially, meaning areas of your home are affected. As that area sinks, your floors will slope, making it feel like your home is tripping you up.


Foundation damages affect the value of your home. If you’re planning to sell, you want to get the full value of your property. Foundation repair makes sure your home’s value doesn’t go down by around 30%. Plus, those damages need to legally be disclosed. And it limits your clientele to cash buyers.


Concrete and water don’t get along, whether it’s your seawall or foundation. Water can cause concrete spalling or reach the rebar in the concrete. Concrete is porous, after all. Seeing water pool next to your foundation is a sign of improper drainage. Foundation repair and seawall repair can mitigate damage due to water.


Your home is your number one investment. Even if you don’t plan to sell, you want to be comfortable in your own home. You and your family can have peace of mind.

Next steps - schedule your free foundation evaluation

You want foundation repair for your peace of mind. It’s key for preventing more cosmetic issues and preventing structural damage. You, your family, and workers in a commercial structure will feel more comfortabl knowing the structure you own is okay.

Your home or commercial structure is a huge investment. Probably your number one. If you’re in Newport Beach, CA, or its surrounding areas, you can schedule a free 60-90 minute foundation evaluation to see if any problems require foundation repair specialists. If your home is on the market, an inspection will be $1000.

Contact Dalinghaus Construction today to get your foundation evaluation scheduled!

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