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Foundation Repair in Woodland Hills, CA

foundation inspection

Foundation Repair In The City of Woodland Hills

The topography of Woodland Hills, CA, is interesting, especially when it’s hilly in the south and western portions, while the north and eastern areas are flatter. And the topography makes for some interesting soil conditions where homeowners like you need foundation repair or hillside stabilization.

That’s why Dalinghaus Construction is happy to serve in Woodland Hills, CA, specializing in foundation stabilization, foundation leveling, deep injection with polyurethane, hillside stabilization, and crawlspace repair.

We’ve had over 2000 successful projects since 2015, doing foundation repair on residential and commercial properties. We’ve become a trusted source for quality foundation repair in Woodland Hills, CA, and other cities around Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Our experienced professionals can handle any job with fantastic accuracy that will leave you satisfied.

What are the signs of foundation issues or hillside instability in Woodland Hills, CA?

You’ll see more than one sign to indicate needing foundation repair. If you see one, don’t worry. It might not be foundation related at all.

With woodland hills having many raised foundations, you might notice your floors starting to sag, which indicates something going on with your crawlspace.

If you see your retaining wall leaning or bowing, it’s working hard but slowly failing.

With Woodland Hills, CA, having a mixture of flats and slopes, there are unique foundation and hillside issues homeowners need to deal with. The soil is susceptible to expansion and contraction depending on moisture content, temperature, and other climate conditions. If an area is dry, the expansive soils shrink, causing an area of the home to sink, known as foundation settlement.

These conditions require trusted professionals to come and inspect your property and come up with solutions. Dalinghaus Construction offers quality foundation repair solutions in areas of Woodland Hills, CA, and other cities in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. We’re here to help keep your residential or commercial property safe.

What is the foundation repair process ?

Hillsides or flats, the foundation repair process in Woodland Hills, CA, is the same as in other cities.

Before any repairs can happen, we need to know the problem first. That’s why we come to your residence for a 60-90 minute foundation evaluation to look at your foundation or retaining wall. A scaled home diagram is made along with floor elevation measurements.

Next, a repair plan is sent to you based on what was found during the initial inspection. You receive a recommended repair plan, a CAD drawing of your property with floor elevation measurements, and a full report.

The final step involves the repairs based on permits and the proposed plan.

How are foundation repair and hillside stabilization done?

There are many variations of foundation repair and underpinnings. Dalinghaus Construction often uses galvanized steel push piers and helical piers.

Push piers are long cylindrical tubes hydraulically driven into the ground until reaching competent soil or bedrock. They are then attached to the brackets bolted onto your concrete footing to prevent further movement.

Helical piers have the same purpose as push piers but are installed a little differently. They also are long cylindrical tubes, except this particular type of pier has helices at the base. They’re installed using a motor to essentially put the pier in like a screw until reaching the recommended PSI or to competent soil.

Helical tiebacks are used to prevent your home and retaining wall from failing due to lateral movement. These can fend off a large amount of lateral movement when installed under your home or in your retaining wall.

After lifting your home or if voids exist in the soil, polyurethane foam is injected into the soil for void fill and soil strengthening. This will be done for slab-on-grade homes.

As for raised foundation, we do crawlspace repair by having someone go into your crawlspace and install crawlspace jacks and/or replace wood such as girder beams.

Can foundation cracks be repaired?

Yes, they can. It can be done in a couple of ways.

Epoxy fits into the cracks and works like an incredibly strong glue, holding everything together.

Carbon fiber stitching will cover the existing crack using tiny pieces of carbon fiber that strengthen the slab and waterproof it. It can also be applied to seawalls and concrete footings.


What reasons are there to do foundation repair, crawlspace repair, and hillside stabilization in Woodland Hills, CA?


Cosmetic issues won’t make you feel comfortable in your own home or commercial building. They make it look as though where you’re residing might fail. Foundation repair allows you to address those issues so those cosmetic issues don’t come back to haunt you.


If you don’t address the issues, they’re likely to get worse. They sure won’t get better. They’ll start as cosmetic, but they can become structural as time goes on.


The doors and windows on your residential or commercial building will be difficult to close and open. It’s because a part of your home is sinking, making the doors and windows feel sticky. It’s frustrating to deal with. Foundation repair will make it so opening and closing won’t become a worse issue.


Uneven floors can be a hazard to your raised foundation home, whether it’s because posts and pads are disconnected or the wood is deteriorating. It will also drop the value of your home if unaddressed. Crawlspace repair will eliminate the hazard and maintain your home’s value.
home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Foundations settle differentially, regardless of what kind. The result will be sloping floors, which makes everything feel uneven. You can roll a marble to the edge of your home. Foundation repair will allow you to stabilize or level everything so you don’t have to trip around your home.


If you plan to sell your home or commercial property, foundation issues need to be legally disclosed. The result of this will limit who you sell to (usually cash buyers) and drops the value of your property by around 30%. Foundation repair broadens your buyers and maintains the value of your property.


You’ll know when your retaining wall starts to fail. You’ll see it start to lean, bow, and start cracking. That’s what happens when it tries to combat the laterally moving soils on hillsides. The soil can get to your home from uphill, or you can lose soil on your property, leading to foundation settlement. Hillside stabilization will keep the forces at bay to protect your property and your neighbor’s estate.


It’s nice to know your residential or commercial residence is okay. You, your family, and your pets want to be comfortable in your home. You want to make sure your workers feel safe in your commercial estate. Bring peace of mind to yourself than them.

Contact Dalinghaus Construction for a free foundation evaluation

When foundation issues go unaddressed, the little issues won’t get smaller. They tend to get bigger. Your home or commercial structure is a long-term investment to be taken seriously.

Dalinghaus Construction recommends you schedule a free foundation evaluation to see if there are issues that need addressing. You want your property to stay safe for years to come.

For real estate-related foundation evaluations, there is a charge of $1000.

We have our experts ready to help. Schedule your foundation evaluation today!

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