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San Clemente, CA

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Foundation Repair In The City of San Clemente, CA

Dalinghaus Construction has been the trusted foundation repair company in San Clemente, CA, especially with the city’s highly expansive soil. We have foundation repair covered from hillside stabilization, seawall repair, crawl space repairs, foundation stabilization, and foundation leveling for residential and commercial properties. Since 2015, we’ve finished over 2,000 projects, becoming a trusted source in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Our team of professionals can handle any job at any size, providing pinpoint accuracy so you never need foundation repair ever again.

What are the signs of foundation problems in San Clemente, CA?

When you see only one of these signs, you shouldn’t worry. Sometimes you might see cracks on your drywall on a really hot and dry summer’s day. When you see more than one of these signs, we recommend you have a professional evaluate your foundation in case you need foundation repair.

San Clemente, CA, is highly susceptible to foundation settlement due to its highly expansive soil. As the climate becomes dry and the soil takes in less moisture, they break down and shrink, causing foundation settlement. Conditions like this require a trusted source to make sure your home no longer has to worry about sinking.

For beachfront properties, your seawall must stay maintained. As the waves hit the shore, they erode the soil to make your home part of the underwater city of Rapture. Seawall repair makes it so your property will be safe and maintain its value.

Your home might reside on a slope. When it comes to hilly areas, gravity works with the soil to cause lateral movement and foundation settlement. You might see your retaining wall struggling to do its job. Hillside stabilization will make it so you don’t have to worry about your home moving downhill.

Dalinghaus Construction is trusted to do foundation repair, seawall repair, and hillside stabilization in Southern California so you never have to worry about your property being affected.

What does the foundation repair process look like?

Like any other city we work in, the foundation repair process works with having one of our Project Design Specialists come to your doorstep for a 60-90 minute foundation evaluation. During the inspection, floor elevation measurements are taken as a scaled home diagram is made to properly evaluate the property.

Step two is to create a repair plan. This will be made based on the inspection. You’ll receive a full report of what was found, a CAD drawing of your property, and a recommendation for the repair plan.

The final step consists of finally doing the repair based on the plans and permitting.

What are the most common methods for foundation repair ?

When it comes to San Clemente, CA, you’ll see contractors installing galvanized steel push piers and helical piers to support your home.

Push piers sort of do what’s in the name. These piers are hydraulically driven into the ground until they reach competent soil or bedrock.

Helical piers have helices at the base to be screwed in like a motor. Hillside stabilization is another type of foundation repair that involves reinforcing walls or terraces on steep slopes to prevent landslides or movement due to erosion.

Seawall repair happens for beachfront properties, especially as seawalls become more damaged via cracking or hydrostatic pressure. Carbon Fiber will be applied to cracks so water won’t sneak toward your rebar. And as water builds up in the soil behind your seawall, hydrostatic pressure is applied to your wall. Polyurethane will be put into the soil to void fill and get rid of the water causing hydrostatic pressure.

Finally, helical tiebacks are applied to your retaining wall for hillside stabilization to prevent your soil from moving downhill and affecting your or your neighbor’s home.

How are foundation cracks repaired?

There are a couple of ways to repair foundation cracks.

A special type of glue-like substance known as epoxy is put into the crack to keep everything together.

Carbon fiber stitching uses carbon fiber that is stitched onto a wall or slab to provide additional strength, prevent more cracks, and add waterproofing.


8 reasons for foundation repair, seawall repair, and hillside stabilization in San Clemente, CA


You want to be comfortable in your own home, not worrying about issues you don’t want to have there. Cosmetic issues add up as you deal with foundation settlement. Sometimes that damage can become structural if foundation repair isn’t done.


As damage accumulates, costs for foundation repair increase. It sucks to need foundation repair now, but the cost of foundation repair will increase later as the damage worsens.


If only cosmetic issues were the most of your concerns. Your day-to-day in your own home can be affected as damage increases. You’ll have a miniature workout as you try to use sticky-feeling doors and windows.


A damaged seawall erodes the soil on your property, causing potential danger and decreasing the property value. Seawall repair makes it so your seawall will work not only well, but better than ever. Keep your beachfront property safe.
home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Foundation issues for your home make it harder to sell on the market. That information legally needs to be disclosed. It also limits who can buy from you. Without foundation repair, you limit yourself to cash buyers, who can negotiate your home’s original value down by about 30%.


Your home settles differentially, meaning certain areas are affected by foundation settlement. Floors will start to slope, making you feel like you’re tripping over your own feet.


Your home on a hill can provide you with great sights. It’s cool until you have to deal with San Clemente’s highly expansive soil. Your retaining wall has to work harder to keep the soil where it’s at. Hillside stabilization protects your home as well as your neighbors.


Your home is your number one investment. It’s for you and your family. Knowing your home is okay will bring you peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about the damage to your foundation getting worse when you do foundation repair.

Next steps - schedule your free foundation evaluation

Scheduling a foundation evaluation will end up being beneficial to you. You can understand the problems happening with your home and figure out a plan to prevent them from getting worse.

You want to take your foundation, seawall, and retaining wall seriously. You want to have it done for you, your family, and your peace of mind. Make sure your San Clemente, CA, home, seawall, and retaining wall are safe and secure by scheduling a free 60-90 minute evaluation.

Note: If your property is on the market, there is a $1000 charge for your evaluation.

Make sure you’re ahead of the game for your foundation repair, seawall repair, or hillside stabilization for your San Clemente, CA, property.

Dalinghaus Construction is ready and waiting to help you out with your repair needs. Contact us today!

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FREE Foundation Repair Guide

Download our free foundation repair guide for Southern California & Central Arizona homeowners.

This checklist will help you spot any common foundation problems around your home and how you can fix them.

San Clemente Foundation Repair
San Clemente Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Services In San Clemente

Ever since the 1930's homeowners in San Clemente have had to deal with the disadvantages that come with surface soils made up of expansive clay.  We've been trusted with quite a few homes in San Clemente and the most common services we're hired for include:

Foundation Lifting & Leveling With Piers

Our team installs push piers or helical piers to competent, load-bearing strata to lift and level homes or commercial structures.

Slope Stabilization With Helical Tie-Backs

Our crews install a helical pier horizontally at ~30° into the slope or hillside and hydraulically drive it to competent soils before securing the tie-back with a plate bracket or encasing it in concrete.

Concrete Lifting & Leveling With Polyurethane

Using a geopolymer polyurethane foam we can permeate and densify soils, while lifting sunken or settled concrete slabs back to where they were originally poured. It's a controlled expansive foam!

Crawlspace Repairs

Homes with a raised foundation are built MUCH different than slab on grade foundations. These crawlspaces sometimes need special attention with all of our seismic activity.

Are you ready to learn more about what’s happening to your home’s foundation

We offer free, no-obligation foundation inspections to homeowners.

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