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how to fill void under concrete slab
Learn how to fill a void under concrete slabs to ensure stability and longevity. Explore expert steps and methods in this concise guide.
raising concrete patio
Have you ever stepped outside only to notice that your once-perfectly level concrete patio has now become completely uneven? If so, you’ll likely be...
lifting concrete with foam
Lifting concrete with foam to level uneven slabs usually only takes a few hours and then the slab is ready for use.
garage sinking
Various things like settlement, garage foundation issues, poor construction techniques, and poor drainage, can lead to garage floor sinking.
DIY concrete leveling
DIY concrete leveling isn't a good idea. It requires training, experience, and specialized equipment. Let a pro handle this job.
concrete driveway repair
Need uneven concrete driveway repair? Polyjacking can quickly fix an uneven driveway without digging up and replacing the slab.