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Foundation Repair in Show Low, AZ

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Foundation Repair In The City of Show Low

Arizona is an interesting State when it comes to foundation repair. Much of the year is dry, but when monsoon season hits, it pours. Show Low, AZ, has its fair share of foundation issues like the rest of Arizona that result from that heavy-hitting moisture. The amount of rain that hits doesn’t help with drainage issues for Arizona residents.

That’s not a problem for us at Dalinghaus Construction, a leading foundation repair contractor in the Show Low, AZ, area. We specialize in foundation leveling, foundation stabilization, crawlspace repair, polyurethane injection, and concrete removal and replacement for residential and commercial properties. We’ve become a quality source for foundation repair since 2015, having completed over 2000 projects in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. When it comes to precision accuracy and attention to detail, our team of professionals can handle any foundation repair job.

How do I know if I have foundation issues in Show Low, AZ?

No matter where you are, you’ll find similar signs of foundation issues. And it won’t be one sign. One sign usually doesn’t indicate foundation issues. When you see more than one sign, you should consider having a professional come out for a foundation inspection.

Sometimes a part of the floor in your raised foundation home will feel a little down. Literally. It’s like it doesn’t have much support. This might mean the wood in your crawlspace is damaged and needs replacing, or the posts and pads aren’t doing their job.

Because of poor drainage for many properties, concrete footings can be affected. You might see concrete spalling or rebar blowout on your concrete footing, which indicates damage.

Show Low, AZ, can present many challenges due to soil conditions and moisture content, resulting in foundation issues. Different soil types make your residential or commercial property susceptible to foundation settlement, which can bring about a multitude of issues. Show Low, AZ, has clay loam, which will expand and contract due to moisture content, fluctuating temperatures, and climate conditions.

With the potential for enduring foundation issues, it’s important to go to a trusted source to provide special attention to your foundation. Dalinghaus Construction offers Arizona residents high-quality foundation repair solutions and services to help keep their homes from enduring more foundation damage.

How does the foundation repair process work for Show Low, AZ?

Whether you’re in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, or Show Low, the foundation repair process will be the same.

You start with an initially scheduled free 60-90 minute foundation inspection with one of our Project Design Specialists. A scaled home diagram with floor elevation measurements is made to properly evaluate your property.

Next, a repair plan is made and sent to you based on what was found during your foundation inspection. This includes a full report, a CAD drawing of the property, and a recommended foundation repair plan.

Finally, your foundation repair project is underway based on the plan and required city permits.

What are the most common methods for foundation repair ?

You’ll learn about many methods foundation repair contractors use to help homeowners. Some are more effective than others. When it comes to underpinning, Dalinghaus Construction uses push piers and helical piers for your foundation repair.

Push piers are an effective method of keeping your home or commercial building from moving with the soil and causing further damage. These are galvanized steel tubes that are hydraulically driven into the ground until reaching competent soil or bedrock. They are then attached to your foundation, acting like stilts if five feet of soil were to suddenly go missing under your home.

Helical piers have the same purpose as push piers in acting like stilts. They’re attached to a foundation like push piers, but their installation process is different. These piers have helices at the base that allow them to be screwed into the ground until reaching competent soil or the recommended torque.

Helical tiebacks are similar to helical piers but are put in more horizontally. While there aren’t many steep hills (if any) in Show Low, AZ, they can still make properties and retaining walls susceptible to lateral movement. They prevent your property from moving side-to-side as the soil shifts. They also strengthen your retaining wall, keeping soil in its place.

A floor starting to droop isn’t a good feeling when you’re in your raised foundation home. To lift it and make it feel good again, crawlspace repair by replacing damaged wood or installing crawlspace jacks to hold up girder beams is your best solution.

Finally, some residential and commercial properties in Show Low, AZ, don’t seem to believe in having proper drainage. Makes sense when you’re in a state where the climate is dry most of the year. Though there is that time when monsoon season hits hard, causing a bunch of water to puddle next to your foundation. Puddling water can cause concrete spalling or rebar blowout.

To rectify this, Dalinghaus Construction can do concrete removal and replacement, putting in new concrete to the damaged areas so your foundation doesn’t fail you.

Can you repair foundation cracks?

Foundation repair contractors will have the tools to rectify the damage from those cracks.

Epoxy will be gravity fed into the crack. It’s a resin that acts like glue with the strength of a bodybuilder.

Sometimes epoxy might not be the perfect solution. Carbon fiber stitching is great when it comes to foundation cracks. The stitching covers the cracks, prevents water from getting in, and alleviates new cracks from appearing.


8 reasons to repair your foundation, hillside stabilization, and concrete removal and replacement in Show Low, AZ


When a home is damaged due to foundation settlement, you’ll see cosmetic issues. They’re unsettling to look at, especially when you see more apparent cracks and gaps. Foundation repair will stabilize your home and allow you to address those cosmetic issues.


Foundation repair doesn’t get cheaper. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of the damage getting worse. If the damage increases, expect your foundation repair to be more expensive.


Foundation issues are mainly cosmetic but can be structural if unaddressed. Structural damage can lead to your property being red-tagged, meaning it’s deemed unsafe to occupy. Your home is less likely to get red-tagged if you get foundation repair.


Your floors will be uneven since your property will settle differentially. Sometimes it gets to the point where you can feel the slope. You won’t feel it if you go with foundation repair via leveling.
home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


You don’t want foundation issues to affect your day-to-day. As your home shifts, it will make your windows and doors feel sticky. Then you may be stuck trying to fix that issue, only to come back. Foundation repair makes it so you don’t have to worry about that issue again.


Hillside stabilization can affect your home, whether it’s soil moving onto your property, or vice versa. While Show Low, AZ, doesn’t have much in terms of steep hills, there are retaining walls doing the job of holding back laterally moving soils.


Puddling water can mess up your foundation by either the rebar blowing out or concrete spalling. When those things happen, it can cause your foundation to start failing. Concrete removal and replacement will reinforce your foundation so you don’t have to deal with other foundation issues down the line.


Foundation repair makes sense financially, especially if you want to put your property on the market. Any foundation issues need to be legally disclosed, which can result in limiting your buyers and decreasing your property’s value by 30%. Foundation repair will let you sell your home at full value to more buyers.

Schedule a free foundation inspection today!

Show Low, AZ, has its fair share of foundation and hillside issues on comercial and residential properties. Don’t let that be you. Issues might seem small now, but they will increase over time.

Foundations are an investment that should be taken seriously, whether it’s for you, your family, pets, or workers. Plus, you can maintain its worth.

Schedule a free foundation inspection in Show Low, AZ, to see if your property is okay.

Note – inspections are free for properties NOT on the market. Real estate inspections will be $1000 and credited toward your account.

Dalinghaus Construction can provide quality foundation repair for your Show Low, AZ, property. Schedule with us today!

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