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Foundation Repair In Oceanside, CA

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Foundation Repair In The City of Oceanside

When it comes to historical sights, rich heritage, diversity, and plenty of good places to eat next to the Pacific Ocean, it’s hard to beat Oceanside, CA. It’s become a destination for vacationers and where the 3,000-mile Race Across America bike race originated from.

It is also an area that deals with foundation, seawall, hillside, and crawlspace issues homeowners and business owners have to deal with. The city has a fun mix of clay, silt, and sandy soils that are notorious for causing problems for owners of residential and commercial properties. There are even enough hillsides that make retaining walls susceptible to lateral movement.

And, with the name Oceanside, CA, the city has something next to its coast: the Pacific ocean. This is where seawalls are necessary. Many homes and businesses need their properties protected from soil erosion. So it’s imperative those seawalls don’t fail.

But you don’t have to deal with these issues without help. Dalinghaus Construction is a trusted contractor in the Oceanside, CA, area, specializing in foundation repair, seawall repair, crawlspace repair, and hillside stabilization. Having done over 2,000 projects since 2015, our experienced professionals have been able to help home and business owners with their issues in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

We’re here to help you with your foundation, seawall, crawlspace, and failing retaining wall.

How do I know if my Oceanside, CA, property has foundation, seawall, crawlspace, and hillside issues?

When it comes to signs of foundation issues, you’ll see multiple problems around the same areas of your home. One sign is likely an issue that isn’t foundation related.

Your crawlspace for your raised foundation home might have deteriorating wood or posts and pads that aren’t connected to the subfloor. You don’t have to go in and check if you aren’t comfortable. You might feel your floor start to get droopy as though it can break at any time.

When the soil on the hillside shifts laterally, your retaining wall might start to fail. You’ll notice this when your retaining wall starts to bow or lean.

Seawalls also start to bow and lean when enough hydraulic pressure is applied to them. You might also see them start to crack. Or maybe you’re seeing rust stains. And as the water crashes on the shore, the soil will erode. So you could see some soil loss.

Owning a home or business in Oceanside, CA, has a mix of soil that causes issues for all these things, whether you’re seeing foundation settlement or your retaining wall giving out.

These are all things Dalinghaus Construction can help with. We’re ready to help with your property in any way we can, whether it’s foundation repair, crawlspace repair, seawalls, or retaining walls.

What are the steps for the foundation repair process in Oceanside, CA?

Step 1: A Foundation Inspection

It isn’t only an inspection for your foundation. We also inspect your retaining wall or seawall if those are your main concerns. Regardless of your need, one of our Project Design Specialists will be at your doorstep on a scheduled date to conduct an inspection, which will be 60-90 minutes.

Our inspections are also free unless your property is on the market. A real estate inspection will cost $1,000, which goes toward your repair.

A scaled diagram is made with floor elevation measurements to indicate potential findings.

Step 2: The Repair Plan

Either on the same day or the next, you’ll receive a foundation repair plan based on the findings. This includes a full report, the CAD drawing the Specialist made during the inspection, and a repair plan.

Final Step: The Foundation Repair

Or the step for seawall repair or hillside stabilization, but you see the point. Regardless, the repairs start! This will be based on the repair plan and required city permits.

How are foundation repair and crawlspace repair done in Oceanside, CA?

Galvanized steel push pier and helical pier underpinnings are our most common methods for foundation repair, especially when combatting foundation settlement.

They’re used primarily for stabilizing foundations, but can also be used to lift your home or business as a bonus.

Each is put into the ground, whether it’s by push piers being hydraulically driven or helical piers put in using a helical torque motor, until reaching competent soil, bedrock, or the recommended torque (specifically for helical piers). They’re attached to the concrete footing of your home or business to act sort of like stilts. So if the soil moves, your structure doesn’t.

Push piers use the weight of the structure, while helical piers are installed independently of the structure to be attached after.

Voids are created in the ground whether it’s due to soil erosion or lifting the area of your structure affected by foundation settlement. You don’t want that space when the whole point of foundation repair is to support your structure. So those voids will be filled.

This is where polyurethane foam comes in. Polyurethane is used for void fill, soil densification, and deep injection. This foam expands rapidly, doesn’t contract in its 15-minute cure time, and is as hard as concrete when under enough pressure.

But you’ll use polyurethane for slab-on-grade foundations. Raised foundations are different. You’ll need parts in your crawlspace replaced so your floors don’t start to sag. Or parts need to be replaced if your floors have been sagging for a while. One of our teams will do your crawlspace repair by going in to replace deteriorated wood and installing crawlspace jacks to support your floor.

What about seawall repair or hillside stabilization?

Seawalls start to lean and bow as water hops over and gets into the soil, causing the soil to expand. This adds extra pressure and weight. With some seawalls, they have weep holes that are clogged and need to be cleaned out. The water can escape again, even though it wakes soil with it.

There will be voids in the soil that needs to be filled using polyurethane, which is environmentally friendly!

When it comes to seawalls cracking, Carbon Fiber stitching is applied. These small strips will completely cover the crack and reinforce it, all the while preventing it from sifting through the cracks and causing the rebar to blow out.

Retaining walls and seawalls have a similar purpose, except retaining walls don’t need to worry about the water aspect. Just the land on hills. And soil moving side-to-side while gravity helps really puts these walls to work!

When you start to see them start to give out, it’s important to reinforce them for hillside stabilization. This is where helical tiebacks come into play. They’re like helical piers but will be installed horizontally into the wall until reaching competent soil. They are then anchored to the wall to keep your retaining wall from moving.

Helical tiebacks can also be installed under your home or business to keep it from moving side to side.

Why Oceanside, CA, foundation repair, crawlspace repair, seawall repair, and hillside stabilization are necessary


Foundation issues are an inconvenience for you to see. They’re thankfully cosmetic the majority of the time but can become structural if repairs don’t happen for a long time. Foundation repair will let you address the cosmetic issues without them coming back from foundation issues.


The cosmetic issues don’t just disappear by being covered up by a magic blanket or a bandaid. They’ll always come back so long as foundation settlement happens. Foundation repair will make it so those cosmetic issues don’t get worse or come back over time.


If you plan to sell your property, foundation or other issues will decrease the overall value. Your potential buyers will be limited to cash buyers. Cash buyers can negotiate your property value down 30%. Foundation repair will help greatly in maintaining your value and expanding your buyer base.


You’ll feel the effects of foundation issues as you try to do day-to-day things. Your floors might feel off and your windows and doors become difficult to open and close.

home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Raised foundations can often have problems of drooping floors that even make you depressed. That’s why crawlspace repair will have your floor feeling flat and keep you up.


You don’t want your retaining wall to fail, especially when you don’t want the soil to negatively affect you or your neighbor’s home. Hillside stabilization makes sure the soil stays where it’s at and protects your retaining wall.


Seawalls are like that third party getting in between two people trying to fight. A failing seawall lets the water bully the soil and take it into the sea. Seawall repair keeps your property safe and protected.


Foundation repair, seawall repair, crawlspace repair, and hillside stabilization are great ideas for keeping your number one investment protected and at full value. Even if you don’t plan to sell on the market, your property will be stabilized and safe in the long term.

Concerned about the foundation or other issues? Schedule a foundation inspection today!

Don’t keep yourself worried if you think your foundation, seawall, or retaining wall is failing. Have someone come out and check for any problems. Hopefully, there aren’t any, but don’t chance it!

Remember, a foundation inspection is free. That’s unless it’s on the market, which will be a $1,000 charge credited toward your repair.

Maintain the stability of your Oceanside, CA, property – schedule your inspection today!

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