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Moreno Valley, CA

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Foundation Repair In The City of Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley has a pretty interesting history, especially with how its name came about. The community was founded in 1882 by Frank Brown, who didn’t want to have the city named after him… After his passing the town incorporated and honored Mr. Brown by naming the city Moreno, meaning brown in spanish. Unfortunately, though, the surface soils present in MoVal aren’t all that interesting and are made up of mostly an expansive clay. This clay can wreak havoc on a home’s foundation during its endless cycles of expanding and contracting as moisture becomes present and as it dries out. Over time this cycle creates voids, irregularities, and instabilities in the soils, allowing structures built atop it to settle or sink. We’ve been trusted by almost 50 Moreno Valley homeowners with their foundation repair projects and have become quite familiar with the common signs and symptoms of a settling foundation:

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