In our September 4th, tip of the day, Brian informs us of our Polyurea floor coating set time! It is pretty impressive.


When you think of home improvement what are the first things that come to mind?? For me, it would be the cost of the improvement and how long will my space be in disarray during the time of the improvement. Honestly, the latter is very much a factor for me when deciding to upgrade my home. We live a very busy life and don’t have the time to wait around for things to get completed. With three kids all in school

and all involved in some sort of sport, it is critical that when doing improvements to our home those improvements do not disrupt our everyday life too much. So if you are considering improving the look of your garage flooring, driveway, walkway, patio or the areas around a pool, consider our new Polyurea Floor Coating. The process to install this flooring is about one day, depending on the size of your area. That includes the preparation time, the base coat application and the top coat application. Once the project is complete, give it only 12 hours and you can already walk on the surface. In as little as 24 hours after application, you can put everything back in place and even drive over the newly coated floors. Now how is that for a quick improvement or upgrade to your home? As noted in previous blogs, this service is something that will last a lifetime.

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Justin Sexton

Justin joins the Dalinghaus Construction family with a significant background in logistics and project management. He joined the team in early 2017 as a foundation inspector, but quickly transitioned towards a marketing role. He now manages the marketing department and creates everything that you see from us digitally.

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