Foundation Repair

Repairing Costa Mesa Home's Foundation

Costa Mesa Foundation Repair

Why did customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Nathan recently purchased a home with a handful of visible cracks along the interior walls and exterior stucco.  After having an inspector come out, he learned he needed to have a foundation specialist come perform an inspection as there were signs of foundation settlement and a possibility of lateral movement in the soils below the home.  Nathan gave us a call to schedule a free inspection after spending some time online researching foundation specialists in the Costa Mesa area.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

Upon arrival for the foundation inspection, our Project Design Specialist immediately discovered signs of foundation settlement.  Using a Ziplevel Altimeteer, we found over 11 inches of elevation drop over a twenty five foot span in the home.  The cracks in the drywall and concrete slab lined up with the drops in elevation to support our Project Specialist’s assumption of major settling and foundation failure.

A repair plan and proposal were put together during the inspection, and our Project Specialist recommended installing 18 hydraulically driven, steel push piers to lift the home to maximum practical recovery along with 800 square feet of polyurethane to be injected to fill the void between the soil and slab after lifting is completed.

Project Information

LOCATION: Costa Mesa, CA
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