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Saving Settling San Diego Home With Push Piers

Saving Cliffside San Clemente Home With Push Piers

Why did customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Darrell had contacted us because he had concerns with the foundation in San Diego, CA. He stated that there was evidence that the back of the home was moving away from the front. There were also cracks appearing on both the interior and exterior walls. Also, the fireplace was pulling away from the home. He was hoping we could come up with a solution to stabilize the home and prevent and further movement.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

Darrell met with our Project Consultant, Armando Sandoval, for an on-site inspection of his slab foundation. Armando started by completing an elevation survey of the foundation. With a Ziplevel altimeter, he took a series of readings at multiple locations in the home. The readings did show that more than half of the home was settling, some areas as much as 1.7 inches! Armando came up with a repair plan that included placing a total of 15 Push Piers, 720 square feet of Polyurethane Void Fill, and 14 areas of Concrete Removal and Replacement at the pier locations. 

This project was managed by Project Foreman, Dimitri Pierce. Dimitri and his team started by walking the jobsite with the homeowner, and Dimitri let him know what to expect over the next week and a half. Then the team began saw-cutting, breaking out, and removing the concrete from 14 locations. Then they proceeded to excavate a 3’x3’ area at all 15 pier locations. The footings were prepped, and the push pier brackets were mounted. The piers were installed to load bearing strata at depths of 20-28 feet. Once all 15 locations were installed, the home was lifted to maximum practical recovery. The pier locations were then backfilled and tamped, and the concrete was replaced at the 14 locations. 

The next day our Poly Foreman and his crew completed the project by injecting 720 square feet of Polyurethane around the exterior of the home under the footing to void fill under the slab at all the pier locations.

Project Information

CUSTOMER: Darrell C.
Dimitri Pierce
foundation repair

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