Foundation Repair

Repairing Seal Beach Slab Foundation

Repairing Seal Beach Slab Foundation

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Walter had connected with us through Home Advisor. Walter let us know that he had extended his living room and dining room 25 years ago. He had noticed a few years after the installation that at the seam between old and new slab showed an alkali-silica reaction that started occurring, resulting in surface cracks at both sites. Walter had recently had a flood at the home, and wanted to have us out to take a look while he was having the home remediated and staying at an extended stay near by. 

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

We sent Project Consultant, Armando Sandoval, to meet Walter at the home. Upon inspection, Armando discovered that the addition’s cold joint had moisture intrusion and an alkali reaction from ground water (high water table). Armando proposed we cut, remove, and replace a total of 44 sq feet of existing concrete slab. We would also be adding a vapor barrier, and dowelling rebar into the existing footing. 

Project Manager, Dimitri Pierce was overseeing Walter’s project. Dimitri began by walking the jobsite with Walter, and going over the repair plan with him. The crew then cut and broke out both areas of concrete. They then removed all the debris from the existing concrete. Then a vapor barrier was placed, and 2 inches of sand was added on top. Dimitri and his crew then drilled and epoxied rebar into the existing concrete 18 inches apart before pouring and finishing the two new areas of concrete.

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LOCATION: Seal Beach, CA
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