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Crawlspace Post & Pad Replacement in Orange County

What Is A Crawl Space Jack?

Crawl space jacks are used to fix sagging crawl spaces. They provide the support necessary to lift and level a crawl space that has started to sag. Crawl space jacks are adjustable and come in various sizes. You’ll also hear them referred to as screw jacks.

When Do You Need Crawl Space Jacks?

You need crawl space jacks when you have a sagging crawl space. Crawl spaces start to sag for various reasons including the following:

  • Settled support piers – If there are drainage issues around the foundation that cause the ground in the crawl space to become soft and soggy, the support piers can settle into the soil and become non-vertical.
  • Deteriorated screw jacks – Screw jacks without corrosion protection can eventually start to deteriorate if there’s excess moisture in the crawl space.
  • Not enough support piers – Sometimes the builder fails to add enough support piers to the crawl space.
  • Wood rot – Excess moisture in the crawl space can cause the wooden structures to rot and become incapable of supporting the floor.

How Can Dalinghaus Construction Help?

Is your goal to support your home’s floor securely and permanently? If so, then our crawlspace jacks are just for you.

Our crawlspace jacks are made of galvanized steel and connected to a concrete base along with securing the upper bracket to your existing or new girder beams. These jacks are easily adjustable to raise any portion of your floor to level it if desired.

We inspect hundreds of crawlspaces every year and you would not believe some of the solutions that people have come up with in regard to securing and raising the subfloor of their homes. Don’t allow a contractor to merely shim your existing posts and pads when you can secure them with our crawlspace jack system.

Are you ready to learn more about what’s happening to your home’s foundation

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