Post & Pad Replacement

Crawlspace Post & Pad Replacement in Orange County

If you go into your crawlspace and notice leaning wood posts, or posts that have numerous shims installed to keep the floor level, then it might be time to consider having them removed and replaced.  

Removing and replacing the existing post and pad system will allow for your home’s floor foundation to be secure for years to come.  Most of the time, the existing pads, if there are any to begin with, have deteriorated over the years.  Once these pads have deteriorated to a certain level, replacing them is vital to continue have your home’s floor properly supported.  During the removal and replacement we are able to lift and level areas of the existing pier and beam system.  New posts are installed and secured properly to the new pad and existing girder beam.

All of the post and pad replacement work takes place under your home, in the crawlspace.  There is minimal disturbance to you or to your home during this process.  Most post and pad replacements can be completed in a day, to allow you to enjoy your newly strengthened floor immediately.

Check Out Our Team Replacing Posts and Pads Under a 122 Year Old Home

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