Stem Wall Repair

Crawlspace Stem Wall Repair in Orange County

We have a lot of older homes in California.  Many of these homes have less than adequate foundations and stem walls.  Depending on the condition of the stem wall and the structural integrity of the stem wall the repairs will vary considerably.

If the stem wall is a rock foundation, where rocks were stacked and the gaps are filled with mortar, similar to a brick wall, a complete removal, and replacement of the footing will be required.  The reason for this is that the current stem wall is not reinforced and when lateral forces are introduced the wall will actually just crumble instead of absorbing the lateral loads during an earthquake.  

If there are cracks within a concrete stem wall, we can simply repair them with one of our epoxy repair methods.  We are also able to install carbon fiber wrapping to the stem wall to help secure and strengthen the crack and stem wall as a whole.

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