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Deep Injection Polyurethane

You can really densify soils with polyurethane?  That is one of the many questions that we receive when we explain the Deep Injection Process.  The answer is typically yes, unless there are some other factors at play.  We perform our Deep Injection process through out the Southern California counties of Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Los Angeles.

Polyurethane Deep Injection is a great process to densify the soils below a structure.  The Deep Injection process utilizes high density polyurethane that is injected into the soils a various depths.  Once the polyurethane has been injected it expands and pushes the soils together to compact them.  

Polyurethane Deep Injection has been utilized for many years to densify and solidify loose soils.  It's uses have been from commercial use in Caltrans applications to residential applications to limit and stop structure settlement.  

Deep Injection Polyurethane At Home In El Cajon

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