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Southern California has an abundant supply of rolling hills and mountains.  These landscapes offer us endless views of the ocean and the other surrounding valleys that we all get to enjoy waking up to.  One of the downsides of living in one of these homes that are nestled on the side of these hills and mountains is that if the home's foundation is not properly built or even designed, then the home is in danger of moving down the hill.  On extreme situations, we have seen entire homes and backyards move and slide down these terrains.  Good thing is that there is an effective fix for these scenarios.


Helical Tie-backs are a great way to stop a home from moving laterally down the slope that it sits on.  The Helical Tie-backs are installed in such a manner that they actually end up anchoring the structure into the dense, native soils of the slope that help to lock in the home from any additional  lateral movement.  Helical tie-backs can not only be used to anchor a home, but in combination with vertical helical piles, they can be utilized to created a strengthened, cost effective solution to stabilize the slope.

Helical Tie-Back Install in Diamond Bar

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