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Orange County Hillside Slope Stabilization

Orange County Pier & Beam Foundation

Now that we have established that slopes are going to move, we need to find preventative ways to slow down and stop slop movement.  Some of the ways that we can slow down and stop slope movement are with our Orange County pier and beam foundations, piles, and walls.  

Retaining Wall Systems – Retaining walls can be built in numerous ways, but their ultimate goal is to retain the slope and the lateral loading from the slope.  We utilize our Orange County piers, beams, helical piles, and anchors in conjunction with our retaining wall systems to not only support the lateral loads but also to supply vertical loading for the retaining wall so it is less likely to settle downward.

Soldier Piles – Soldier piles are large drilled concrete piles that are installed tightly together.  Think of a bunch of concrete cylinders sitting in a line to construct a wall.  These are typically drilled through the fill materials of the slope and into the dense native soils for support. Once these are installed the soils are then compacted back behind the piles and the slope is retained.  This method is quite costly and utilizes special drilling rigs to complete.

Soil Nailing – Soil Nails are similar to helical tie-backs except they are drilled piles that are then filled with a grout mixture.  There is typically a single-threaded bar that is drilled into the hillside and then a grout mixture is installed to case and lock in the nail.  Once the grout hardens it creates additional skin friction that can help to hold them in place.  Once they are installed they are tied into a rebar cage or mat and a concrete wall is built or a shotcrete wall is constructed tying them all together.

All of our Orange County pier and beam foundations, helical and push piles, and wall systems carry varying degrees of success as well as costs associated with them.  Being expensive doesn’t always mean that the way is better.  Every slope is constructed differently and every method of stabilizing a slope will be designed to best fit the slope’s current condition.

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