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Foundation Repair

Foundations fail for a variety of reasons. From shifting soils to excessive moisture, we’ll search for the root cause of your foundation issue so we can find the most fitting solution to address your needs.

Push pier or helical foundation pier installations in San Diego by Dalinghaus Construction are permanent solutions which can stabilize your home’s foundation, re-level uneven home structures, and halt the progression of secondary issues caused by foundation failure such as cracked or bowed walls and sticking windows or doors.

San Diego Foundation Repair Services

You should only need to fix your foundation once. Period. Our foundation pile installations and concrete repairs in San Diego will fix the issue permanently.

At Dalinghaus, our goal is to be the team who fixes your foundation issues because we know we have the products, tools, experience, and know-how to get it done right the first time. We offer the following products and foundation piers and to San Diego residents whose homes are showing signs of foundation or sloping issues:

cracked foundation
cracked wall

Common Questions

You will probably have a lot of questions before choosing a foundation and concrete repair company in San Diego. Here are some of the most common questions we encounter when homeowners inquire about a foundation repair project:

Are foundation cracks covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, cracks and fissures in your foundation are not covered by standard homeowner insurance. The only exception to this rule is when cracks are caused by an internal, pressurized water leak, in which case, you may be covered. Fortunately, we offer 0% financing to ensure you won’t have to put off necessary repairs due to cost.

Can I fix foundation cracks by myself?

Sure, you can address foundation cracks by yourself. Unfortunately, simply filling a crack in a concrete slab doesn’t address the underlying issues associated with your foundation problem, and any materials used to fill gaps will need to be removed when you choose to undertake a more permanent solution.

Can my foundation be repaired any time?

Since we’re in San Diego, quality contractors should be able to tackle a foundation repair during any season. The only exceptions would be for homes in mountain areas in which the ground may freeze and make repairs difficult or during extremely rainy weather which may further compromise foundation issues once a team begins work.

Are you ready to schedule your free foundation inspection?