Sidewalk relief cracks

In the Tip Of The Day from September 17th, Brian tells us about the relief crack cut into concrete.

Why Are Sidewalk Relief Cracks Used?

Sidewalk relief cracks or control cuts are placed in concrete, normally every 5ft or so, to help prevent unwanted cracking of a slab.  Inevitably concrete will crack, so these relief cracks are used to control where the cracks will occur. Concrete joints are put in to create a weak point so that the concrete can crack in a controlled manner. However, these cut are not made to prevent a crack.

Choose Dalinghaus Construction In Southern California

If you notice that the relief cracks are misaligned or cracks are appearing in other areas, contact us today.  We will send out one of our specialists to help you remedy your issue. Dalinghaus Construction proudly services all of Southern California, from San Diego to Orange County,  Los Angeles,  Riverside, Ventura, Santa Barbara and everywhere in between.