Are There Contractors I Need to Hire After My Foundation Repair?

If only all of your problems could be solved after your foundation repair. Drywall cracks repair themselves, stucco looks as though it never moved, and somehow world hunger ends. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In some instances, the cosmetic damage to your home is still saying hi.

So do you need to hire other contractors for those fixes?

This isn’t always the case, but there are occasions you may want to look for contractors who specialize in those pesky cosmetic damages. If you can fix the issues on your own, that option may be in your best interest. Regardless, Dalinghaus Construction will provide recommendations on your next course of action.

Dalinghaus Construction has been in the foundation repair business since 2015, inspecting more than 10,000 homes and repairing 2,000 for homeowners. Many of them have dealt with remaining cosmetic issues after their foundation repair. While we don’t specialize in repairing those types of damages, we know many general and specialty contractors and can offer recommendations on how to proceed with fixing cosmetic issues.

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Foundation repair doesn’t fix everything

That would be cool if we had a magic eraser with your foundation repair to get rid of the cosmetic damage.

Every foundation repair project is situational. Some houses settle dramatically and need little to no repairs afterward. Some homes have settled two inches that need repairs all over the place.

Every situation will have different damages that need addressing. Thankfully, the vast majority of damage is cosmetic.

Fixing the damages after your foundation repair can cost hundreds of dollars to potentially a couple thousand. We can estimate between $300-$5000. It all depends on how badly the structure has reacted to the foundation settlement.

You can sit on hiring other contractors after your foundation repair

Generally, it’s recommended you wait about 30 days after your foundation repair before fixing the organic materials in your home. There is a possibility the organic material will come back together and repair itself essentially.

Note: not all cosmetic damage will be made of organic materials

However, you don’t have to wait that long. You can repair the cosmetic damage as soon as you’d like.

The decision for when to fix will be up to you. If you can deal with the cracks on your drywall for a little while, there’s certainly no rush.

Who you can hire after your foundation repair

Keep in mind the vast majority of the time there is damage after your foundation repair will be cosmetic. They can be structural, but this rarely happens. Like, this is ultra rare.

If the structural integrity of your home is compromised, you’ll want to definitely hire a contractor to fix your home sooner than later.

There is no guarantee you will HAVE to hire other contractors after your repair. It depends on the severity of the damage done to your home during the foundation settlement.

Our project design specialists should have a good idea of who to hire afterward. You can always reach out after your foundation repair.

You can hire a general contractor, who can do general drywall, flooring, door, etc. repairs.

However, we usually recommend specialists for each task individually. They are usually a little bit cheaper and do better quality work for their specialty.

The Contractors you MAY need to hire after your foundation repair:

  • Stucco
    • Painters can also repair stucco.
  • Drywall
    • Painters can also repair drywall.
  • Flooring
    • Be sure you find a contractor that specializes in your type of floor.
      • Tile
      • Wood floor
      • Carpet
  • Electrical
    • Having electricity issues after foundation repair is rare, but it can happen.
    • General contractors aren’t properly licensed for electrical.
  • Plumbing
    • You could find a general contractor licensed in plumbing. It’s not very often you find someone as good as a plumber.
    • Needing a plumber happens far more often compared to needing an electrician after foundation repair.

Look at online reviews on third-party websites such as Google reviews, Yelp, and Angi’s list (now called Agni). Chances are if other people had a good experience with a contractor, you might, too.

You almost always want to hire someone who is licensed and insured.

For whichever contractor you go with, always look for a licensing number, which will usually be provided on their website (scroll to the bottom to find ours).

Don’t sit on our article How Long Should I Wait to Fix My Drywall? for a better understanding of how long to wait for drywall replacement and how to look for contractors in your area.

Here are the websites you can check to see if contractors are licensed in your state (we’re restricting this list to California, Arizona, and Nevada)

We’ll also provide the licensing number for Dalinghaus Construction so you can practice searching.


Contractors State License Board 

CA Lic. #983851


Arizona Registrar of Contractors 

AZ ROC 330307


Nevada State Contractors Board 

NV Lic #0089738

Can my foundation repair contractor also fix these problems?

Yes, but Dalinghaus Construction doesn’t recommend you do so. You can ask for quotes, but keep in mind any foundation repair company you go with doesn’t specialize in these other repairs.

You would be charged significantly more than what you would get from a specialist.

  • Those cosmetic repairs would take longer since the team doesn’t specialize in those repairs.
  • The material isn’t in stock for that company, meaning they’re less likely to get good deals on the repair materials.
  • The additional cost would be much more expensive.

You’re better off hiring someone who is half the cost of what your foundation company would charge and provides quality work in a much quicker timeframe.

Who else can you hire?

You can hire a Handyman in most cases, especially if there is a handyman you can trust. It depends on the severity of the repairs needed.

Handymen can do basic things such as patching drywall, painting, fixing doors, etc. But if the damage is too much for them, you’re better off finding specialized contractors.

Again, the repairs you’ll likely deal with are due to cosmetic damage. Handymen can usually do these jobs. They might not be the best quality repairs, but they are generally cheaper.

Handymen don’t need to be licensed for work.

In the state of California, handymen can only accept projects less than $500. These laws might be different in other states.

There isn’t necessarily an order you need to repair the damage.

Again, it will be mainly cosmetic. You can even wait to put off cosmetic repairs rather than spending a bunch of money at once.

You can fix what you want to fix at the time you want to fix it. You can get your fix on fixing.

If you need an answer, start with the cosmetic damage that bothers you the most. Your peace of mind is what matters.

If there is structural damage, that takes priority. If you can see daylight coming from a crack in the ceiling, get that fixed first.

Most of this work is DIY (Do It Yourself)

When it comes to cosmetic work in your home, it comes down to how handy you or someone you know is. Even with stucco, which takes a little more work since it requires some specialty supplies to match the stucco (they make DIY kits to match the paint on your stucco).

SOME plumbing can be DIY. But if you’re unsure, it might be best to have a plumber come out.

Now learn what to expect for your foundation repair.

You’ve learned why you would need other contractors after your foundation repair, what contractor you might need, and how you can look for them. The thought of needing contractors after your foundation repair is intimidating, you can at least wait for some time for cosmetic issues to your home.

The next step is to read other articles to prepare you for foundation repair. Dalinghaus Construction has plenty of articles in our Learning Hub tab, but we can give you some areas to start.

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Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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