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Do I Have To Move Out?

Do I Have To Move Out?

A question that we get asked frequently by homeowners is: Do I have to move out while repairs are being done on my home? You can just tuck your luggage back into the closet, because you can stay in your home while we are making repairs to your foundation.

Let me breakdown what to expect from a typical Underpinning job for you…

Majority of the time, piers will be placed on the exterior of the home only. Crews dig 3ft x 3ft holes at the pier locations. They dig down to the footing with shovels, so not very invasive by any means. There can be some jackhammering if concrete needs to be removed to get access to the footing. Also, you may experience a little noise when the footing is being prepped. A chipping hammer allows our crews to prep the footing before the pier bracket is mounted.

It is rare that piers need to be placed inside a home, but in the case that we do have to do piers in the home, you can still stay in the home while work is being done. Only the area where piers are being placed would have to be avoided. Barricade tape would be placed around all areas that would need to be avoided, but the rest of the home would be safe to occupy.


Let me breakdown what to expect from a typical Polyurethane Slab Lifting job for you…

Polyurethane Slab Lifting is even less intrusive! Small holes, just ⅝”, are drilled in the areas that the polyurethane is going to be placed. A port is placed, and polyurethane is injected underneath the slab. The polyurethane sets up in just seconds! (Check out this project that we completed at the Orange County Transit Authority. We kept them on schedule, without missing a beat!)


Bottom line, you can have foundation work done, while still enjoying the comfort of your home.🏠

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