How Long Does The Process Take From Foundation Inspection To Completion?

How Long Does The Process Take From Foundation Inspection To Completion?

Greetings from Carlsbad, California!  In my previous blog I discussed if you should have a foundation inspection completed when purchasing a home.  I discussed what a home inspector does and pointing out different problems with a home and the price of having a foundation inspection when purchasing a home and how important that is to save a great deal of money and headaches.  Nobody wants to purchase a home and find out six months later that they will need to spend $30,000! Today I’m going to talk about how long does the process of a foundation inspection to completion and everything in between. For someone that hasn’t gone through this process it can be a very interesting process with a lot of twists and turns.

How long does the process take from foundation inspection to completion, and everything in between?

As I have discussed in previous blogs, I have been doing foundation inspections for almost ten years in Southern California and I have seen everything from houses that are almost falling down to critters in crawl spaces to what I thought at the time was a ghost in an old home in downtown Los Angeles.  But enough about that. Today I’m going to educate you about the process from when the phone call comes in to Dalinghaus Construction, scheduling the appointment, signing the contract to get started, engineering, the permit process, job completion and everything in between.

Many people will do a Google search for foundation repair and Dalinghaus will pop up in the search results.  The homeowner will then call or schedule a free foundation inspection on our website. Our call center will then schedule a specialist like myself to come out and do an inspection.  Normally I or one of our specialists can be there within a week or two. The inspection process, as I discussed in a previous blog, normally takes about an hour, based on a variety of factors.  After the inspection, the specialist will either give a proposal at the home, or email a proposal through our CRM program Buildertrend to the client. At Dalinghaus, everything is done electronically. The client will be able to review the proposal, and if they are ready to get started with the process, then they can approve the proposal electronically and can even pay online.

Once the proposal is approved, our office turns it into a job. They will then call the client, and collect the deposit and engineering fee.  Our permit specialist will then email the engineers (structural and geotechnical) and get their proposal to begin the work. The engineers then call the client directly and schedule a site visit.  The engineering process will normally take about 4-6 weeks. Once we have the soils report and the structural plans, then our permit specialist will take the documents to the city. Depending on the city, whether it is Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, San Clemente or San Diego will depend on how long this process will take.  The permit process is out of our control, and the timeline can be either one day for approval to a few months. Some cities take longer than others because the contract out their plan checks. I have had one project of mine take over a year in San Diego, which was very frustrating to say the least, but this was a complete rarity.  Many cities average between one and three months.

Once the permit is complete then our office can schedule the job.  The average job takes about 1-2 weeks. Our crew shows up on day one and explains the entire process from digging the pier locations, breaking out concrete, installing piers, either Push Piers or Helical Piers, lift the residence, and inject polyurethane to fill the voids.  I will go over each of these items that our crews do in a future blog.  We then collect the final payment and leave with another happy customer.  At Dalinghaus we have a lot of referrals from previous clients that leave great reviews, and you can see that on our website.

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I hope this helps to answer the question of how long does the process take from foundation inspection to completion, and everything in between?  At Dalinghaus we try to be very transparent and educate our customers.  I hope this information helps you.

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