How to Apply for GreenSky Financing for Foundation Repair?

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Foundation repair costs a pretty penny, with many underpinning projects adding up to past the $20K mark. While it’s frustrating that Dollar Tree doesn’t offer push pier, helical pier, or polyurethane underpinning – there are affordable financing options.

Dalinghaus Construction Inc. has repaired thousands of foundations (and inspected thousands more) in the Southern California and Arizona area. We’re here to answer all your questions regarding foundation repair, whether you choose to work with us or with another party.

In this article, you will learn about GreenSky financing options and what information you will need from us to navigate their website.   

What is GreenSky?

GreenSky offers affordable financing solutions for home improvement projects, bridging the gap between contractors, banks, and customers. GreenSky boasts of one of the largest bank lending programs in the nation. They have secured funding for over a million projects, servicing loans for top banks across the country.

GreenSky simplifies the entire loan process – from the application to the approval to your payments, providing a hassle-free experience.

How do I use GreenSky with Dalinghaus?

 So, you don’t have $20,000 in savings (in fact, 56% of Americans have less than $1000 in their savings account). But you still need to pay for your foundation repair with Dalinghaus Construction Inc. GreenSky is a great option.

The two payment options we accept via GreenSky are: 

  • Plan 2521 – 12 Months No Interest, No Payment, 84 Months
  • Plan 2641 – 24 Months No Interest with Payment, 84 Months
  • Plan 6136 – 0.00% Zil, 36 months
  • Plan 2740 – Fixed Rate 9.99%, 120 Months
  • Plan 1569 – Fixed Rate 6.99%, 180 Months

If you are interested in financing through GreenSky, reach out to our financial office. We will provide you with:

  •   GreenSky’s website
  •   GreenSky help hotline: 866-936-0602
  •   A Merchant Identification Number
  •   A Plan Number
  •   Total Amount of Job

For example, an email you may receive from us might look as follows:

Good morning Customer X,

Thank you for your interest in GreenSky. Below is all the information you will need to utilize the information –

Phone Number: 866-936-0602

Dalinghaus Merchant Number: 81080333

Plan number: 2740 (offer 9.99% for 120 months) 

The payment calculator shows the approximate monthly payment will be $462 for a $35,000 loan.  

Please reach out if you have any questions…..

Financing is a Great Option for Foundation Repair

In this article, you learned that GreenSky is an affordable form of financing your foundation repair and learned how you will receive all of the Dalinghaus details to complete your loan process.

If you’re still not sure financing is the best option for you, read our article How to Pay for My Foundation Repair.    

If you live in Southern California or Arizona and would like to book a free foundation inspection, click the link below – 


Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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