What Questions You Should Ask a Foundation Repair Company (How You Benefit)

Let’s face it – sometimes scheduling a free evaluation is far easier than knowing what questions to ask. You might not know about foundation issues, let alone foundation repair.

So what questions should you ask for a better understanding of your process and to bring you peace of mind?

Dalinghaus Construction has inspected over 10,000 homes in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada, doing foundation repair for over 2,000 homeowners, addressing their concerns at every step of the way. We get questions that range from normal to more obscure. All questions we receive are good questions. We want you to be prepared with questions to ask so you can feel better about your foundation repair experience.

Knowing what questions you should ask will help you, which is the end goal. More important than the foundation repair and the process is your peace of mind.

Questions you should ask any foundation repair company


The obvious one: How much will this cost?

This might be the number one factor for your foundation repair. Foundation repair isn’t exactly a cheap process. It would be easy to say all foundation repair companies have similar costs, but this isn’t the case. Every foundation repair company might do the same quality job (you would hope), but not all repair methods are done the same way.

You might receive one repair proposal from one company, and see a different one from another. This can affect your overall cost.

If any company offers the phrase “secure and protect,” ask them what that means.

This is what we refer to in the business as an oversell. Dalinghaus does our foundation repair by addressing the area of the home that is affected by foundation settlement – addressing the area of your home that is sinking. We don’t do the oversell.

Other companies might say, “we can address the area of this home, but you can have other areas affected in the future.” Another area being affected by foundation settlement is very rare. Some companies will try to sell you on putting push piers and helical piers around your whole home. This will drastically drive up the cost.

If you have the money to spend to put piers around your home due to being paranoid, go for it. However, this isn’t necessary.

Is there a warranty with my repair?

This is a big one. Warranty information will be on the paperwork, but the project design specialists or anyone you call over the phone should be able to give you answers in detail.

Not every company offers a lifetime warranty on the products used for your foundation repair. Warranties are as good as the paper they’re written on. It comes down to the people doing the work on your home.

Qualification questions

How are you qualified to repair my home? What classifications do you have?

You want to know that someone can do the repairs on your home and do it well, right? You wouldn’t go to an actor who plays a doctor to do a medical procedure on you, would you?

Many companies don’t have more than a general contractor’s license.

You will want to know if a company has a C-61 – Limited Speciality Classification and a D-30 – Pile Driving and Pressure Foundation Jacking classification in the state of California. This will vary from state to state.

Will this require engineering or permitting?

Technically any project you do, even as small as changing your toilet, will require permitting.

As for engineering, you want to ensure a structural engineer looks over the plans. Any foundation repair that tells you ‘no’ is questionable (to say the least).


How are the project specialists trained?

So these are the people from the foundation repair you contacted who inspect your home. You can ask this question over the phone before anyone comes to your home.

You’ll want to know their background, how long they’ve been in the industry, and the rigorous training each person goes through until they’re considered qualified.

Production crew

How does the production team do these repairs?

You want to know if the company you hire has a detailed process on how their procedures work. Project design specialists will understand how the process works and will inform you on how the production team will conduct the foundation repair on your home.

What material is used for your foundation repair?

As said earlier, different foundation repair companies have different methods of repair. This includes the materials that are used.

For example, Dalinghaus Construction uses galvanized steel push piers and helical piers. Galvanized steel is non-corrosive.

Some companies may use methods that involve concrete, which isn’t a good or bad thing. It depends on if the solution will reach competent soils or bedrock to stabilize your home.

Read our article Push and Helical Pier Underpinning Vs Concrete Underpinning article to learn about other methods of foundation repair. Learn what methods are more effective and which aren’t.

Are the people doing the work subcontractors or employees?

Employees will be trained by the companies they represent, so you know what to expect for the quality of work. There will be higher accountability for the quality of work.

Subcontractors, while they may know about foundation repair, don’t directly represent the company and are held less accountable for their quality of work. They aren’t directly trained by the company you might hire.

Can I contact the project design specialists after my inspection and proposal?

The answer should always be yes. And the project design specialists should hope that you do. There should always be an open line of communication so you can have as much transparency as possible.

A project design specialist should be part of the team until a job is complete.

And ask what is the best form of communication with them, whether it’s text, email, phone call, carrier pigeon (would not recommend), etc.

Other important questions before signing a contract

Will this permanently fix my house?

You don’t want to pay for a temporary, lackluster solution that you have to spend money on later down the line.

I couldn’t tell you (in a short amount of words) how many homes we’ve had to do foundation repair for to compensate for another contractor’s work.

You want to be sure your job is going to work. You want your first-time repair to be your last-time repair.

You now know what questions to ask a foundation repair company. Now it’s time to put those questions to use.

You’ve learned about the questions you should ask and how they will be of your benefit before you sign any contract. What you should do now is have project repair specialists from multiple companies come to inspect the foundation of your home and offer their options.

Yes, you read that right. Multiple companies. That way you can compare methodologies for repairs, pricing, and put your questions to good use.

If you want to put your questions to you, you can start by scheduling a FREE 60-90 minute evaluation with Dalinghaus Construction.

Have an in-depth look at why you should receive multiple bids by reading our article Should You Get Multiple Foundation Repair Bids? (How You Benefit).

You also want to know about foundation inspections by reading What is a Foundation Inspection (CAD Drawings to Measurements).

For any questions, call Dalinghaus Construction at (877)360-9277, or click the button below to schedule your free foundation evaluation today!


Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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