What Do People Ask Me About The Most?

What Do People Ask Me About The Most?

Hello all,

I am Teri, the Project Facilitator at Dalinghaus Construction. Although I am definitely not new to the industry, I am new to writing blogs.

So when I was approached to write a blog, my first thought was: ”What the heck do I write about??”

The first thing that came to my mind was, “what do people ask me about the most?” I could write about that!

I thought if one person had questions or concerns about the process, product or company, so do others. I will base my blogs on past experiences based on actual projects and correspondence with homeowners. So, I believe this is where I’ll begin.

A few months back a very sweet lady in Orange County felt that her foundation might be in need of repair, after talking with her, all the “tell-tale” signs were there. Doors not opening and closing properly, cracks in the corners of the door jams and she said she felt like she was walking up hill towards her kitchen. So we went out and did our inspection and found that she indeed was in need of foundation repair. 

Ten push piers needed to be installed on the failing side of her home.

She wanted to move forward but since she lived by herself, her concern was: “How do I prepare? Do I have to leave my home? What about my beautiful shrubs and plants? Do I need to be home?

“All good questions”, I said.

You don’t have to leave your home. Usually all of our work is being done on the outside of the home. 

Where the work is being done you will have to clear about 5 feet from the house outward.

The air conditioner will have to be disconnected and moved while we’re in the area.

If you’re really attached to the plants or shrubs, you may want to ask your gardener if he can move them for the time being.

You don’t have to be home ( although you may want to be, It’s pretty fascinating). As long as we have access to where we’ll be doing our work.

What about my sprinkler lines? How do you know where the gas lines are?

In regards to the utility lines, “Dig Alert” comes out prior to the start of the project and marks out exactly where the utility lines are. 

Our crew members have been doing this for a very long time. They are educated and take every precaution when installing piers. They work cautiously and if they run into a sprinkler line, they will disconnect it, cap it and when the work is done, reconnect it. 

If there are extensive irrigation lines in the area, your gardener can make adjustments until our work is done.

She asked Will my neighbors be upset because of the noise?

No. Not all. Our equipment is just as loud as a lawn mower or regular power tools.

She was satisfied that all of her concerns were addressed. We repaired her foundation and we are currently working on her daughters home in Mission Viejo

P.S. She did come out to watch the installation.


Mark Cook

Mark Cook is a veteran foundation repair inspector with over 11 years of industry experience and 4,000 repair projects completed. Mark learned the tools of the trade from his father, Craig Cook, a celebrated Southern California Civil Engineer in the business since 1980 and a stickler to detail. Mark learned land surveying/development and CAD at his father’s construction company from 2000 to 2010 before transitioning to foundation repair.

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