What Happens If You Don’t Repair Your Foundation? (Problems)

It’s no secret – foundation repair isn’t cheap. Delving into your bank account is intimidating, especially for a problem you’ve had zero control over. You see cracks by doors, sloping floors, leaning kitchen cabinets, and your chimney is leaning as though it’s trying to run away from your home. Putting off the problems seems easier than dealing with them head-on.

Here’s the hard truth:

Having foundation issues affects your livelihood. 

Dalinghaus Construction has inspected over ten thousand homes, servicing over a thousand. We’ve performed foundation repair to prevent further issues to your home. We understand the problems you’re dealing with, and we don’t want them to be worse. We’re in the business of easing your mind and fixing your problem. 

Strongly consider having your foundation repaired sooner than later

We get it – foundation repair is an expensive endeavor. Finding out the thing your home sits on is damaged comes as a surprise, and the cost has you taken aback. Wanting to wait is a natural reaction to this predicament. 

If you’re having problems now, they won’t be better later. They often become worse.

Repair costs will escalate

Fixing your broken sinks or cabinets can be fixed later without penalties over time. When your home is sinking, the process becomes worse when unanswered. If your house has sunk 4-inches in one area, waiting months or years can sink it further. Your repair costs will only escalate.

When the foundation issues are answered early, they can be resolved early. The cost will be cheaper.

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The value of your house will go down

You’re gonna have a tough time selling your home for what your house is worth. Your house with foundation issues can go down at least 30%. The value of the home diminishing depends on the severity of the area of your home affected.

Let’s say your home is worth one million dollars, but it has foundation issues. You would be selling your home for seven hundred thousand dollars. That is a three hundred-thousand-dollar difference, a huge chunk of change. 

In Southern California and Arizona, the average foundation repair costs around $30k. Foundation repair is worth it if you want to maintain the value of your home.

Regardless, selling your home with foundation issues is more difficult.

You limit home buyers

You have to disclose foundation issues if you decide to put your home on the market. It’s a legal issue if you try to hide this information. Hiding the foundation issues is a legal blood bath that can cost more than fixing the problem. And when there are common signs and symptoms of a damaged foundation, any homeowner will find out.

Imagine searching the internet for a rare Funko Pop™ figure where the seller says the box has been unopened. You order the figurine to see not only has the box been opened, but the figurine is severely damaged with the left leg detached from the rest of the figure. After paying hundreds of dollars, you’ll want your money back. 

You limit your selling options to cash buyers

Cash buyers don’t have to go through the market to buy a home. They will have the straight cash to purchase your home. And they are amazing negotiators, purchasing your home for a fraction of the price. Cash buyers renovate the home and sell it for a higher price.

If the cash buyer wants the home for their interests, they benefit from your foundation’s misfortune.

If your home has foundation issues now, they will be worse later

Your house is already sinking. You see the common signs of a foundation failing. You see diagonal cracks by your doorframes, cracks on the ceiling, the floor feels like you can reenact Cool Runnings after buying a bobsled, the chimney leans like Michael Jackson, and wall gaps are making themselves present. These issues will continue and will likely become worse. 

Every area of your house can be affected because of an unsteady foundation.

The cracks you see will be worse

You can try to fix your drywall or stucco cracks. They’ll come back with a vengeance and let you know the issue hasn’t been fixed; only covered up. Cracks can bring you to face new problems.

Insect/rodent infestations

This is especially true if you have a raised foundation with a crawlspace. Insects can get through small cracks. Rodents can perform fantastic magic tricks, from being in a top hat and into your home. 

Higher Utility Bills

Southern California and Arizona have hot summers and cool winters. The warm and cold air in your house has an opportunity to escape like William Maxwell in Alcatraz. The unwanted air from the outside will break in like a burglar. Your air conditioner and heater will work harder to make you feel comfortable. The amount you owe on those bills will add up. 

Plumbing issues

Pressure from your home is distributed evenly on top of your foundation before running into any problems. When your foundation starts to sink, the area sinking will be affected, applying stressors to the rest of your home. The area of your home affected by foundation failure will put more stress on the pipes, potentially causing plumbing issues or pipes bursting. This can cause catastrophic damage. 

Mold, Moisture, and Mildew 

Mold, moisture, and mildew aren’t a direct correlation to needing a foundation repair. Mold could be a moisture issue in your home. Regardless, mold and mildew can be dangerous to you and others, especially those with respiratory problems. 

If there’s mold in your home that needs foundation repair, contractors will not repair your home until the issue is resolved. If it is a threat to you, it is to our production team. 

You will need to hire a mold specialist to inspect and remove mold from your home.

The choice is ultimately yours

Foundation repair is expensive, and it can be scary when looking at your bank account. Dalinghaus Construction is in the business of foundation repair, alleviating any problems. Leaving your house as it is won’t lessen the issue. Time and time again we’ve seen the issues become worse and more costly. 

If you’re worried about paying everything all at once, we can diminish that concern. The number you receive is already intimidating. Dalinghaus Construction offers 0% financing through various lenders. 

And you know what won’t cost you a pretty penny? Requesting a free evaluation of your foundation! We can schedule a foundation inspector to come out to your home by either calling Dalinghaus Construction at (877) 360-9227 or clicking the button below.


Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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