Why do we care about the customer experience?

The Customer Experience….  Many companies say they provide the best customer experience, but those same companies fall short on actually providing it.  

Dalinghaus Construction is not one of those companies.

The Customer Experience to us starts well before you ever reach out and contact us.  We believe that the start of the customer experience begins when you find our website, our social media pages, or meet one of our fantastic employees.  Now you are thinking to yourself that almost every company could say the same thing, and you are 100% correct.  But in the process of learning and understanding our company’s WHY, you quickly see HOW we are different.  In a good way!! 😉

Let’s start with our website.  Once you land on our page you will see some of the other typical things that you see on other company’s pages within the foundation repair industry.  We have pages that talk about the signs and symptoms, about our products, and the typical how to pages throughout the site, but that is where the similarities end.  

Within the site you will see a link at the top that says LEARNING HUB.  Before we dive into the Learning Hub, you need to know that we view ourselves as having the most educated customers in the industry.  We can say this, because we believe that you as a consumer of foundation repair services should have all your questions answered and not leave any stone left unturned in making a decision on repairing your home’s foundation.  Within this Learning Hub, you will see that we have hundreds of articles and downloadable that are at your disposal.  These articles and downloadable all have a common theme, To Answer Your Questions.  From wondering if you should get your foundation fixed to estimating the cost of the repairs, to how we conduct our inspections.  All of these questions are within our Learning Hub.  And don’t worry if you need additional clarification or you can’t find the answers to the questions you have, these articles were created by us by answering questions, just like yours, from other people that we have had the opportunity to meet.

Once you have read through the hundreds of articles and have “mastered” the world of foundation repair, you will be 1000 times more confident in securing an inspection.  You know why?  It’s because you now know some of the answers to most of your questions.  You will be confident in being able to speak some of the same language as us and other foundation repair professionals.  You will be in control of making an educated decision for you and your family.  And that is exactly how we want every person to feel, whether you do business with us or not.

Once you have contacted us to secure your foundation inspection you will be greeted by our call center staff.  They will speak with you and gather some more information about what your home is experiencing.  We can then work with you on getting an inspection scheduled for you to confirm your newly found knowledge.  

After the inspection has been set, we will then be in contact with you to gather some additional information.  Just like a NFL team reviews and gathers data on the other team and practices their game plan, we do the same with your home.  The last thing either of us want is to go into a situation without as much information as possible and fumble on the 1 yard line.  Our goal is to make sure that your vision and ours is aligned with the type of repairs you are looking for your home’s foundation.   If we are both not on the same page in the book before the inspection, then want to be able to provide you the resources to get there.  It’s your house and we are your tool on getting it repaired.

At the inspection you will meet the Project Specialist that you have been speaking with leading up to this moment.  You both are on the same page and are able to maximize the time together.  Time is limited in this world and we know that there is nothing more costly than wasting time.  When you and your specialist talk you will both be speaking a lot of the same language.  You will be able to visualize the repairs taking place from the videos and pictures that you have viewed.  And you will be more confident in being able to ask any and all questions, knowing that you aren’t the only one that has ever had these exact same foundation problems.  Trust us, you are way more knowledgable now, than when you first typed into that search bar, hoping to find some answers.

The project is ready to start, you are now meeting our highly trained production teams.  These guys are amazing, not just at fixing foundations, but just amazing people.  They will ask you a few questions about how you would like things to be handled as well as the best place to park and store their equipment and material.  They will then begin working, and when we say working we mean WORKING!  This work is hard, very hard.  It is highly labor intensive, but also ultimate care has to be had because if it is not, your largest investment can get damaged.  These installation teams excel in both!  Even more so, at the end of everyday, our team leaders input a recap of the days activities with pictures and will send them to you and our staff.  You as the customer get the same updates that our entire team does.  We again want you to be knowledgable and up to date on your project, because this is your home and you should know what has been completed for the day.  This continues until the completion of the job, what’s even better is you have access to all of this information through our portal that allows you to have all of the same daily logs, documents, pictures, and billing information that we have.  AND you can download anything from here, because it’s for YOUR home.  

Now you have come to the end of us defining the customer experience for our customers.  We provide this to every one of our customers.  In the last 5 years we have had the opportunity to share this exact same experience with over 1900 homeowners throughout California and Arizona.  


Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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