Why Should I Fix My Foundation Issue?

Answer:  You just should, no but really you should. 😉

Letting a foundation issue go un-repaired on your home is a choice that has some pros and cons associated with said choice.  Most of the time the underlying reason for not getting a foundation issue repaired boils down to the cost.  

Foundation repair isn’t a flashy new kitchen or bathroom in your home that you can show off.  We, honestly, wish it was fancy new cabinets or a state of the art shower.  It would definitely make foundation repair more attractive to homeowners, rather than trying to convince people of the benefits of a service that you more than 99.9% of the time will never see again.

Enough about new kitchens and bathrooms, let’s dive into the part of the home that will support and keep all of those new things looking new for years to come.

Not repairing your home’s foundation issue can cause quite a few issues to come up in the future.  Especially, if you start doing other projects throughout the house without addressing the foundation first.  Here are the TOP 3 things to avoid doing before fixing your home’s foundation.

  1. Remodeling your home – Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT renovate your home before you address the foundation issue.  If you do, you will end up having a brand new kitchen, bathroom, or living area that will eventually be impacted by the moving foundation.  All of the stucco cracks will open back up, all of the drywall cracks will open back up, and you will start to notice cracking in any new tile that was installed and you could even have your new hardwood flooring or laminate flooring start to separate.  All are not a good situation, considering you just spent all of this money to have to damaged due to your foundation issue still being and issue.
  2. Sell your home – Selling a home that has a foundation issue is limiting your potential buyers to cash in hand buyers.  These buyers know this and will have the upper hand in negotiating the selling price of your home.  The offering price that is typically given from these buyers is usually 30% below the market value of the home.  That could mean thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars you will be missing out on.   DO NOT, list your home and choose not to disclose any foundation issues.  We have seen too many people try this and it never ends up good for either party.  The buyers are usually furious that things were covered up and will sue the seller.  The seller is not happy because now all of the money that they have from selling the house will now be used to fight an uphill battle to remedy the situation.  Honesty is always the best policy when selling a house.
  3. Doing nothing – Doing nothing is an option.  Not a great option, but and option none the less.  Foundation issues will not go away and over time will start to impact other areas of your house depending on the amount of movement that occurs.  The additional movement will cause the size and price of the repairs to go up exponentially.  You can definitely monitor the issue and the minute you see it getting worse you should contact a foundation repair contractor to come back out to re-evaluate your home.  

Foundation repair is not a glamorous way to spend your hard earned money, but it is essential to solidifying your home’s foundation.  Many people are typically not budgeting for their home’s foundation to be repaired.  Many contractors, including us, offer financing options for these situations.  Many of the loans that are available have very good options dependent on each homeowner’s financial situation.  We strongly recommend looking into these options, so a small foundation repair issue doesn’t turn into a massive one down the road.

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Justin Sexton

Justin joins the Dalinghaus Construction family with a significant background in logistics and project management. He joined the team in early 2017 as a foundation inspector, but quickly transitioned towards a marketing role. He now manages the marketing department and creates everything that you see from us digitally.

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