Will I Need To Be Home During Foundation Repair And Why?

We get it – The thought of needing your foundation repaired is intimidating. It isn’t the cheapest process, unfortunately. It costs thousands of dollars to do foundation repair. Our projects average around $30k. Your cost is stressful enough.

Money is a commodity that makes life pleasant or circumstances more stressful.

Then there’s another cost: your precious time. Your mind floods with questions. 

Do I need to be home the entire repair

Will this impact my work? 

How much time do I need to commit?

How can I work my job if I need to be home during the entirety of my foundation repair? I need to make money for the cost. 

These questions and concerns are more than reasonable. But don’t worry. The time commitment isn’t as bad as you might think. 

Dalinghaus Construction has done foundation inspections with over 10,000 homeowners, scheduling around their needs for their peace of mind. You are no exception. Your time is important to us. We’ve fixed over 1,000 homes, working with everyone’s schedule to ensure their time isn’t inconvenienced.

We work with you; not against you. 

You’re not required to be home every day for foundation repair.

It depends on the project and if we need to go inside the home. Most projects don’t require going in and out. You don’t need to be present if a project is outside. We’d like you to be, but it isn’t required.

There are three days we need you home. They are important.

Keep in mind all of these days are scheduled in advance.

The Foundation Inspection

On this day one of our foundation inspectors will come to your home to look for any common signs and symptoms of foundation issues, and well as measure the levels of your house to determine if an area has sunk (experiencing settlement), risen (experiencing heave), or if your home is fine (which we find pretty often). 

The inspection takes anywhere between 60-90 minutes. You’ll want to have about two hours of your scheduled day available. 

The First Day of Foundation Repair

We want you to be on the same page from the first day to do an initial walkthrough with our foreman. We want to ensure the foreman and you are on the same page, ensuring both parties have the same interpretation of what the project design specialist wrote in their proposal. We want transparency from the beginning so any misunderstandings can be sorted out. 

The Last Day of Foundation Repair

The last day is when we would like you to be home so we can take measurements from the inside to see if everything appears up to par. Ultimately, the decision on how much you want your home raised is up to you. You decide what should be the maximum practical recovery. We can suggest where to stop before lifting your home further so we don’t cause more potential cracking, but you can tell us to keep going.

You also want to be there for the final walkthrough to see if everything looks good and is up to your standard. 

Side note:

If your house is being raised on the last day and you hear cracks, don’t worry. Those sounds are normal. 

The organic material is coming back together during the lift and being placed back to normal. Weird stress is being put on the frame of the structure, causing creaks and cracks that sound scary but are nothing to worry about.

Think of it like what happens after compressing a water bottle and trying to put it back to its original form. You hear a bunch of crinkling during the process, but it will come back to its first state. This said, your home will look so much better than that bottle. 

Your home won’t fall on you during the repair process

You’ll be surprised how many people are concerned about this. The concept might sound silly to some people, but it is a reasonable concern. Your home is your number one investment. You want to be sure the home and your livelihood are okay. 

This isn’t to say it’s impossible to happen, but you would be better off winning the lottery while being attacked by a shark at the same time. Plus we wouldn’t put you or our crew in danger if we thought the damage could be severe enough to cause a collapse. 

We’ve raised a home that was down 16-inches and damaged to where you could see the sky when looking toward the ceiling. Even in that circumstance, it wasn’t a danger. 

We’re lifting the house from the foundation up – so essentially from the base. If we were lifting the home itself, that might be a different story and super sketchy.

Will I need to take time off work last minute? 


Everything is scheduled in advance so you don’t have to make immediate alterations regarding your work. Lesley, our project coordinator, works directly with you planning the logistics, scheduling for you and the production team, sending out details about the project, and providing warranty paperwork and the closing package at the end of the repair.

You’ll be very familiar with Lesley and how super cool she is. 

So I can still go on the vacation I’ve had planned for a while?

We’ll do our utmost to work around that. You’re already in a sour mood from knowing you need your foundation repaired. We have about an eight-week backlog, but we’ll be talking to you to figure out your schedule.

We want you to enjoy your time. We don’t want to be doing a project while you’re getting the most enjoyment out of life. Take some stress-free time to enjoy yourself and those around you – and not be concerned about people working outside, being in your house, or if you need to clean before the repair.

Our priority is your well-being and peace of mind. You can enjoy your vacation and have your foundation fixed closer together. 

Should I cancel last-minute plans?

Yeah, probably. Especially if we need you at home on specific days. Regarding days we don’t need you, have as much fun as you’d like!

Thankfully, you’ll have your schedule for inspection and foundation repair ahead of time. I won’t say that I’ve never been guilty of last-minute plans. Sometimes we forget things. We’re human. 

Write the scheduling information down on either a calendar or a virtual calendar. Set reminders if you need to. 

Be transparent in your plans

If there is anything that can conflict with your foundation repair, let us know immediately so we can work with you. And if you remember something later, give us a call. 

Dalinghaus Construction won’t surprise you

We’re not going to call you the day before and inconsiderately ask, “can we come out tomorrow?” Sometimes projects might be delayed by other homeowners, which provides an opening for us.

We’ll call you at least a week in advance to see if you’d like us to come out earlier. And you can always say no. Our feelings won’t be hurt. 

When I am home, will the project be loud?


For most of our foundation repair projects, the loudest equipment we’ll use is a jackhammer and a generator. They’re about the same loudness and about as loud as it gets. The amount of time we use each bit of equipment depends on the project – they all vary.

Your eardrums won’t be in danger. At most, it will be irritating like a rock in your shoe while you walk. A mild inconvenience. 

We know there are circumstances where noise can be tricky. If you have a newborn with a scheduled naptime, it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t want the inconvenience of loud noises. We’ll work with you. If there are times you need quiet, our crew is exceptional in abiding by your time.

You can use your amenities while your working

You can turn on your electricity for AC, run your gas to cook and use the restroom for all your needs. 

The only exception is sometimes we’ll have to disconnect some pipes for your sprinkler system. We try to be careful working around sprinkler pipes, but we sometimes have to disconnect and temporarily cap them from the source if it’s in an area we need to work in.

You can still live in your home

This is also another concern we often get. Don’t worry. We’re not kicking you out of your own home. The entirety of the foundation repair process allows you to still do your normal day-to-day and sleep in your own bed. 

There are some projects we’ve had to install interior piers, meaning there may be a portion of your home we have to tape off and cover in plastic to contain anything that can make your home dirty. Imagine a setup like it’s from the show Dexter, but without the murder. 

Regardless, you can still live in your home through the entire foundation repair process. 

Side note: We install interior piers very rarely. We use them for maybe 5% of our projects. 

We encourage you to be home. You don’t have to be (unless it’s required).

If it is required, we’ll let you know. Again, we schedule way in advance and let you know way ahead of time. We are as transparent with you as possible. 

About 80% of our projects don’t require the crew to come into your house, except for the inspection and the last day when raising or stabilizing the structure to do measurements.

If you do decide to stay home during all of the days, we even encourage you to observe and document the process. Foundation repair is a niche field not a lot of people know about. 

And if you have any good footage you want to send over, our marketing manager would greatly appreciate it for future content!

The time commitment isn’t that bad

There’s reassurance in knowing you don’t have to be present during your foundation repair. Only very specific instances. We’ll schedule around you. 

So why not start with your free foundation inspection and go from there? Seriously. The only thing you need to commit to is two hours of your time with our foundation inspector to assess the issue. 

To get started, call (877) 360-9227, or click the button below!


Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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