Foundation Repair Calculator

This calculator was designed to help homeowners estimate the costs of foundation repairs for their particular situation.  All you need to do is answer the three questions below to receive a ballpark cost for repairs!

1. Type of Foundation

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine what type of foundation you have.  Our team most commonly sees two foundation types in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada: Slab on Grade Foundations and Raised Foundations.

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2. Measure Affected Area

Next you’ll need to determine and measure the area of your home that you think is affected by foundation issues.  You will need to provide measurements in linear feet, which can be accomplished with a tape measure, pacing the area out with steps, or using something like google earth.

Click the link below if you need help finding these two measurements.


3. Lifting your foundation?

The last question you need to answer is whether or not you would like to lift your home during the foundation repair process.  Our foundation repairs ALWAYS stabilize the home’s foundation from future settlement, but you’ll need to determine

Estimated Repair Cost:
Helical Piers

Lifting Your Foundation


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What Type of Foundation Do You Have?

The first part of this calculator asks the type of foundation you’re wanting to get an estimated cost to repair.  You’re asked this question first because the type of foundation will help the calculator determine the type of repairs that may be necessary to repair your home’s foundation.

In Southern California and Arizona we typically see two types of foundations… those with a crawlspace or area between the home’s flooring and surface soils would be called a RAISED FOUNDATION, while those with a slab directly on the soil are called a SLAB FOUNDATION

In our article Slab Foundation, Crawlspace, or Basement: What Type of Foundation Do You Have we dive deeper into the specifics of how to determine the type of foundation you have.

If you prefer to watch a video rather than reading an article, check out the video below from Justin about how to determine the type of foundation your home has.

Foundation Repair Calculator
Foundation Repair Calculator

Measure Affected Area

The next question you’re asked to estimate the costs of repairs for your home’s foundation is to measure the affected area.  Ultimately we’re looking for two measurements around the exterior of your home for the area that you feel is affected by a compromised foundation.  These measurements are the key variables used to determine the estimated cost of repairs and are crucial to an accurate estimate.

Lifting Your Foundation?

The last question you’re asked is to choose whether or not you want to lift your home’s foundation.  The lifting process will allow our crews to lift and recover the settling that has taken place.  It isn’t always necessary to lift a home that’s settled, as long as the homeowner is okay with living exactly how the foundation currently sits.  If there are sloping floors those will remain sloped after the repairs are finished, but if you want to get rid of the sloping you’ll need to lift and recover some of that settlement that has occurred.

If you want to watch a video about deciding whether or not you should lift your home check out this video from Mark Cook, one of our team’s Project Design Specialists. 

Foundation Repair Calculator