In September 25th’s Tip Of The Day, Brian explained a little more about cracks in footing, specifically the horizontal cracks that become visible in the foundation footings.

Horizontal cracking in the foundation footing is not necessarily a sign that you have foundation settlement. However, if you do have horizontal cracks, which are crack running parallel with the footing, you could have other issues. These issues could mean that the concrete is deteriorating or the rebar has taken on moisture. When rebar takes on moisture, it begins to rust. This causes the rebar to expand which in turn adds pressure to the concrete causing the cracks to form. At Dalinghaus Construction, we not only help homes with settling foundations, but we can also repair these cracks caused by rusting rebar or concrete failure. Give us a call today and we will gladly set you up with one of our specialist for your free in-home estimate.


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