Monrovia floor cracks

Customer: Karen Turner
Monrovia, CA 91016

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Ms. Turner was replacing her flooring when she found seven large cracks on her foundation’s slab. Her flooring company would not install the new wood floors until the cracks were repaired. After doing some research on the internet, she found that these cracks may be a sign of foundational settlement and she wanted an expert’s opinion. Ms. Turner decided to call Dalinghaus Construction so that she could have one of our knowledgeable Project Consultants provide more information on the cracks she’d discovered.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

Our knowledgeable Project Consultant performed an inspection of Ms. Turner’s property and found no measurable differential in the floor’s elevation. With no signs of foundational settlement, the cracks were caused by either a bad concrete pour or a lack of rebar support. Ms. Turner only wanted to address repairing the cracks so that she could get her new floors installed. Our Project Consultant proposed repairing the cracks with carbon fiber staples, in which perpendicular saw cuts would be installed every 18 inches along the crack. After the staples are installed into the perpendicular cuts, a two-part epoxy would be injected to cover the staples and fill the crack.

Once Ms. Turner was ready to move forward, the production crew performed the repairs on all seven cracks and she was extremely pleased with the results. The crack repairs did not put a delay on her remodeling project and she was able to keep her wood floor installation as scheduled.