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Proud to Serve The Greater Phoenix Area

Homes and commercial buildings in the Phoenix area deal with a distinct set of elements that can lead to settling, shifting, sinking, or compromised foundations. From the expansive clay soils to the concrete like caliche soils to our dry weather, there's an abundance of conditions that can lead homeowners to call a foundation professional.

Fortunately, our Phoenix foundation repair team at Dalinghaus Construction provides long-lasting solutions to many of these problems, and more. We never settle for a less-than-perfect solution, and neither should a commercial or residential property.  Our team has one objective during all our foundation repair projects: to solve foundation issues in perpetuity and to guarantee a home or building’s stability—all while providing an unmatched customer experience.

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Big Results Without The Big Mess

We no longer live in a world where foundation repairs are long, invasive projects that turn a home into disarray.  Rather than completely removing and replacing a compromised slab foundation, modern technology has made it possible for our team to lift and level a home in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the mess.  Push Piers & Helical Piers are installed around the perimeter of foundations, often allowing our team to not have to enter the home.

Polyurethane injections use an expanding geopolymer foam which, when injected beneath concrete slabs, can lift settled slabs back to where they were originally poured. Dalinghaus provides Phoenix foundation repair services that are extremely durable, swift in installation, and individually designed to only address compromised areas.

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Foundation Repair

Tired of those pesky cracks on the walls, the hard to open/close windows, or those uneven floors?

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Concrete Lifting & Leveling

Our Phoenix concrete leveling and concrete lifting teams can gently and precisely lift sunken slabs back into place.

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Slope Stabilization

Worried that your property is in danger of sliding down the slope?

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General Contracting

Our team assists with geopolymer consulting, general contracting, home inspections, real estate inspections and more!

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About Us

We’re a family owned and operated Phoenix foundation repair, leveling, and concrete lifting business that has continued to grow to 50+ employees and helped provide peace of mind to thousands of families across Central Arizona and Southern California.

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