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Drywall Cracking

If you have owned your house long enough you have probably experienced some drywall cracking somewhere in your house at some point.  Now Drywall cracks can be caused by numerous reasons that don't always result in having a foundation problem with your home.  

Here are the top reasons why Drywall Cracks Appear

- Foundation Movement: Either from the house settling or experiencing heaving from water intrusion or even tree roots lifting a portion of the home's foundation or the home's slab.

- Climate Changes: Most of the things that make up your home are organic in nature.  The wood framing is most impacted by drastic climate changes.  When you experience extensive cycles of low and high humidity levels your wood framing will expand and contract based on the amount of moisture that is absorbed.  This expansion and contraction of the framing can create drywall cracks throughout your home.

- Poor Construction: Unfortunately, homes aren't always constructed with the best practices.  Many homes, especially older homes, were put built with less than ideal building guidelines.  Not having been built properly can result in your home experiencing movement beyond the foundation moving.

Drywall cracks within your home will happen, knowing the cause of the cracks will help you better assess on the correct repairs needed to remedy them.



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