Stabilizing A Sinking Home With Push Piers In Vista, CA

Stabilizing A Sinking Home With Push Piers In Vista, CA

Customer: Jon C.

Location: Vista, CA

Project Consultant: Joe Harris

Project Manager: Dimitri Pierce

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Jon contacted Dalinghaus because the floors in his Vista home were uneven, and there were cracks in the tiles. In the past he had experienced cracks in the walls, but he already patched those up. There were also doors in the home that were sticking shut. He had already had already a structural engineer out to evaluate the slab foundation, and had a report of their recommendations. 

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

We sent our Project Consultant, Joe Harris to do an onsite evaluation of the property. Joe performed an elevation survey of the home with a Zip Level Altimeter, and the data showed that ½ the home was sinking. One corner was down 2.3 inches! Joe outlined a repair plan that consisted of placing 17 push piers along the sinking corner of the house, injecting Polyurethane for void fill, and concrete replacement at one of the pier locations. Jon agreed with Joe’s recommendations, and we began to move forward with the project!

Dimitri Pierce was the Project Manager for this job. Dimitri started by walking the project with Jon so he could give him a rundown of what to expect and address any questions he may have. All 17 locations were excavated, and push piers were installed and pushed to load-bearing strata at depths of 15’-18’. He and his crew took 4 days for the piering portion of this project. After the piering portion was completed, our Poly crew came out and completed the Polyurethane Void Fill. They drilled holes through the slab, inserted tubes beneath the slab, and injected polyurethane to fill the void created by the pier lift.


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