Foundation Repair

Repairing Raised Foundation In Ojai, CA with Helical Piers

Saving Ojai, CA Home With Helicals

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Robyn had connected with Dalinghaus Construction through Home Advisor. She had observed some large cracks in her foundation wall, and wanted to get one of our professionals out to take an up close look. She had attempted to meet with a couple OTHER foundation repair companies…but according to Robyn “One guy showed up with just a smile and the other rescheduled three times and then never showed up at all.”

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

We sent Project Consultant, Joe Harris, out to complete an inspection of Robyn’s raised foundation home. Joe used a ziplevel altimeter to perform floor elevation readings. His data showed that one side of her home was experiencing settlement. The worst affected area was down 2.3 inches! Joe put together a repair plan that included placing 6 Helical Piers, and 4 linear feet of Crack Repair.

While Robyn was deciding how she wanted to move forward in regards to her project, she decided to educate herself in all things foundations by watching our videos on YouTube. Robyn said she learned so much from our videos…she felt like she could jump right in and install a helical herself! Robyn opted to move forward with us to complete the repair of her foundation!

Project Manager, James Rodriguez was in charge of carrying out the repair of Robyn’s foundation. Like Robyn mentioned in her review, it took James and his crew just 2 ½ days to complete the project. The crew began by excavating 3×3 ft holes at each of the 6 pier locations. The footings were prepped, and the pier brackets were mounted. The helicals were then installed to depths ranging from 12-16ft. With all of the piers in place, they then lifted the home to Maximum Practical Recovery. Last but not least, the crew repaired the 4 linear feet of cracks in the foundation wall…leaving Robyn back on solid ground!

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