Foundation Repair

Repairing Tustin Home with Helical Piers


Project Background

After purchasing this home in Tustin, CA, the homeowner noticed that the floors in their living room seemed to be sloping towards their kitchen. After noticing the sloping cracks started appearing on their walls, and they knew they needed to called the professionals.

Project Design Phase

Mark had performed a foundation inspection on this property several years prior, so he went out to meet with the homeowner and once again inspect the home’s foundation. During the inspection Mark measured up to 5.1 inches of settlement occurring in the living room and kitchen areas and knew he needed to design a repair plan that would properly address significant settling due to incompetent clay soils. He ended up designing a repair plan consisting of 15 helical piers to be driven to competent, load-bearing strata.

Dalinghaus' Solution

Jonathan and Matthew made quick work of preparing for the 15 helical piers, although the home was hit with heavy rains for several days which turned the work area into a muddy swamp. After installing the piers they transferred the weight of the home away from the incompetent clay soils at the surface and to the competent, load-bearing soils that the piers were driven to. Now no matter what happens to those clay soils, the home is guaranteed to not settle or sink again in the future!

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Project Information

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