Lake Arrowhead seismic retrofitting

Customer: Gary Poarch
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Mr. Poarch is the owner of a property in Lake Arrowhead which was built in 1938. Before contacting Dalinghaus Construction, Mr. Poarch knew he wanted to have his home’s raised foundation seismically retrofitted in order to secure the home to the foundation and help mitigate damage caused by seismic activity. The home was constructed long before today’s code requirements, and retrofitting is a necessity when it comes to increasing structural safety.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

After calling Dalinghaus Construction, an appointment was scheduled with one of our knowledgeable Project Consultants to perform an inspection of the home and evaluate the crawl space. Upon inspection, our Project Consultant confirmed there were no signs of foundation settlement within the home before jumping into the crawl space. The crawl space did not have any UFP plates, which are used to allow for the cripple wall or mudsill to be anchored directly to the foundation wall from the side. It also did not have any post straps or A35 framing angles.

Our Project Consultant put a repair plan and proposal together while at the appointment and recommended installing UFP plates every 16 inches on center around the perimeter of the home, A35 framing angle to anchor the floor system to the cripple wall, and post straps to anchor the posts and pads to their respective girder beams.

When Mr. Poarch was ready to move forward with retrofitting his home, the project was scheduled and our production crew spent two days installing the seismic retrofit materials. After completion, Mr. Poarch was happy with the project and was able to reach out to his insurance company to lower his earthquake insurance premium and deductible.