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Crawlspace Repair

Let's be honest, crawlspace repair is not an easy, clean, or super fun task, but it needs to be done for certain homes.  If you have ever crawled under your home through the crawlspace you know what I am talking about.  

A Raised Foundation or Pier and Beam Home is constructed with an exterior concrete footing that the home sits on.  It may have additional interior footings in the crawlspace that are needed for any load bearing walls.  These interior footings are often seen when there is more than one story of a home or a large open are of the home that is transferring a higher load to the walls to support the weight.  Along with the concrete footings, there are multiple rows of grade beams, which are larger wood or steel beams that run perpendicular to your floor joists, that are supported by smaller posts that are attached to a concrete base or foundation to support the load of the floor.  The bases or foundations for these posts are often placed directly on the soil.  Being placed directly on the soil, they are more highly impacted by any soil movement or deterioration.  We have seen a lot of these get washed out with water or drainage leaks or breaks that can or have occurred throughout the life of your home.  Once these bases have been compromised you can start to experience sagging floors or bouncy floors in your home.   

Check out some of the repair methods that are most commonly used for raised foundations by clicking the links below to learn more about the process and what to look for.

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foundation repair guide for homeowners

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