Phoenix Moisture Control

Crawlspace Moisture Control in Phoenix

Moisture and water are problematic for a home or structure. They are even more problematic when they are present underneath of your home.

Whether your home is a raised foundation, slab on grade foundation, or a post tension slab foundation moisture under any of these foundations is not how they were designed. Not only do moisture and water under a home or structure present a structural problem, they can also start to create health issues with mold and bacteria becoming present in these climates.

At Dalinghaus Construction, we have techniques and products to help eliminate the moisture that is present under your home. The type of foundation will supply the direction that we need to recommend the best repair methods to eliminate your home’s moisture issue. These methods can range from utilizing dehumidifiers, encapsulation, sump pump systems, or injecting our specific polyurethane material to act as a moisture barrier and to push out the water that is present below your home.

Don’t let moisture continue to sit underneath your home. The health of your home and of you and your family will thank you for it.

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