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Foundation Repair In Fallbrook, CA

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The 30,000 residents of Fallbrook enjoy living with easy access to both LA and San Diego. It is a beautiful area, known for its orchards, vineyards, and avocado farms. Homeowners in the area are also familiar with foundation problems due to the incompetent soil in the area.

When you have foundation problems, you can count on Dalinghaus Construction to fix the issue. Contact us for a free foundation inspection. We have been working in Fallbrook and the surrounding area for years and we know what to do to fix any foundation problems you are facing.

Common signs of foundation problems in Fallbrook, CA

The signs of foundation problems can show up, and once they do, it is typically because the problem is advanced. When you see one of the following signs, it is not necessarily the end of the world but if you see multiple issues showing up, it’s time to address the issue.

Floors can slope due to high moisture levels and a number of other issues dealing with foundation problems. You might not even notice the change, but you might feel like you have vertigo when you walk across the room.

Cracks appear when the foundation shifts and pressure is put on the frame of the home. These cracks tend to grow and widen. If you fix them, they will reappear.

Gaps may appear where the surfaces come together due to the torque put on the frame when the foundation shifts.

The main frame of the home is not the only part of the structure under pressure when the foundation shifts. The window and door frames can also twist, causing the windows and doors to stick.

The chimney is heavy and the foundation under it is not typically supported as well as the rest of the foundation. It is one of the first parts of the home to experience problems.

Retaining walls can also have similar problems to what a foundation may experience. This includes hydrostatic pressure from wet soil. The pressure can cause the wall to crack and buckle.

The entire house can move and settle along with the foundation. The shifting and pressure can cause cracks to appear anywhere in the home but it tends to happen with softer material, such as drywall.

What does the foundation repair process look like?

We look at each foundation repair job as being unique. There may be some specifics that are similar from one job to the next, such as underpinning the foundation and repairing any cracks, but the specific process may be different for the job to get done right.

Common methods for foundation repair

Although each job will have its own specific requirements, there are some common methods for foundation repair. First of all, any problem leading to foundation issues must be addressed. This can include underpinning the foundation or redirecting water using French drains.

The goal is the same in every foundation repair job, to correct the problem and stabilize the foundation. To achieve this goal, we will inspect the foundation and then use one or more of the methods for foundation repair listed below.

Foundation Repair Services in Fallbrook, CA

Our neighbors in Fallbrook can count on us to provide quality foundation repair services. We have years of construction experience and are well known for our expertise in the foundation repair space. Contact us today for a free foundation inspection or with any questions you may have.

When the soil is not stable enough to support the foundation, we can drive pins into the ground until they are in stable soil or resting on bedrock. After those piers are attached to the foundation, they provide the stable support your structure needs.

Foundation cracks will often grow and can allow water to enter the basement or crawlspace. We can permanently close those cracks using carbon fiber staples and then fill them with epoxy injections.

When a foundation sinks, it doesn’t often do so at the same rate, something known as differential settlement. We can level the foundation, but rarely can it be lifted to its original height. Some foundation leveling methods include underpinning and polyurethane foam soil injections.

There are often times when it may be necessary to repair the crawlspace. Some common methods include seismic retrofitting, crawl space jack installation, post and pad replacement, and stem wall repair.

In most cases, foundations can be repaired but there are times when a foundation replacement is necessary. This involves removing the old foundation in place and building the new one. The specifics may differ, but the goal is the same.

Basement foundations, push piers, helical piers, and drilled shafts are all examples of deep foundation systems. The goal is to have the foundation deep enough that it will support the structure.

Most of our focus is on residential foundation repair but we offer the same services to commercial buildings and properties in Fallbrook.

Free Foundation Repair Inspection and Estimate in Fallbrook, CA

We offer a free foundation repair inspection and estimate to our neighbors in Fallbrook. This is more than a property inspection or perhaps an inspection for pest control. It is a thorough and complete look at the foundation and any issues that may be happening.

All you have to do is fill out the form on our website to request the inspection. Once you do so, one of our foundation experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours to set up a convenient time for the inspection.

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