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Foundation Repair In Fontana, CA

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Fontana is a city of 210,000 residents, located in San Bernardino County, California. Residents enjoy plenty of available activities, including access to many parks, a theatre, and a NASCAR racetrack. Homeowners in the area are also well aware of the poor soil conditions.

A mixture of expansive clay and loamy sand makes for a very poor combination and can wreak havoc on the foundation. When those problems occur, you can count on Dalinghaus Construction to be there with the solution.

Common Signs of Foundation Problems In Fontana, CA

Reacting quickly to any foundation problems gives you the best option for having the issues repaired and reversed. Being able to identify any signs offers you that opportunity. Some signs may show up early and others when the problem is advanced. Here are some of the most common.

When a foundation sinks, it sometimes results in sloping floors. You may feel like you are falling or as if you have vertigo as you walk across the floor.

Cracks often appear in areas where softer materials, such as drywall, are affected by the torque of a shifting foundation. Horizontal or stairstep foundation cracks are a red flag.

As the foundation moves and sinks, it causes the rest of the home to shift. If you notice gaps between the walls and floor or ceiling, it should be considered a problem.

As the window and door frames twist and move due to the shifting foundation, it causes them to stick when opening and closing. Excessive moisture can have a similar effect.

A tilting chimney is often the first sign of a foundation problem. Chimneys are heavy and the foundation in that area is not typically well-supported. If the chimney is tilting, other problems are likely also happening.

Retaining walls can experience the same problems as foundation walls. Hydrostatic pressure could easily cause them to bow or buckle. The wall may also crack under the pressure.

Any cracks should be monitored carefully. Hairline cracks are common when concrete cures but larger or expanding cracks are an issue.

What Does The Foundation Repair Process Look Like?

Although each job is different and repairs may be necessary on any home with foundation problems, there may be a difference in the type and scope of what is done. Typically, it involves stabilizing the foundation and repairing any cracks. In some cases, lifting the foundation is also necessary.

Common Methods For Foundation Repair

Many people who know they have foundation problems tend to put things off until the problem is even bigger. In part, this is because they might not know what is involved in foundation repair. Some common methods can include underpinning the foundation, sealing and repairing cracks, and foundation leveling.

Foundation Repair Services in Fontana, CA

Dalinghaus Construction offers foundation repair services in Fontana, CA, as well as throughout the rest of Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. If you are having foundation problems, call on Dalinghause Construction. Never settle for anything but the best.

Expansive soil both expands and contracts with the moisture level. Over time, the soil may not be adequate for supporting the foundation. We can fix this with push piers or helical piers, which rest on bedrock or in stable soil and are attached to the foundation.

Cracks can allow moisture to enter the home, especially in expansive soil when hydrostatic pressure is forcing it in. Those cracks can be sealed with carbon fiber staples and epoxy. Once we are done, the leaks are done.

If the foundation has sunk, we can bring it back up to an acceptable level by using push piers or helical piers and slowly raising it. The goal of foundation leveling is to get it as close as possible to the original height without causing additional problems.

Standing water and high humidity are common in crawl spaces in Fontana, CA. We can fix the issue with a field tile drainage system. Other crawl space repair options include foundation crack repair and fixing any piers or concrete that has become damaged.

Most foundations can be fixed but if the problem is extensive, it may require a foundation replacement. This can be a full replacement or partial, but in either case, it can save your home.

When the soil is no longer supporting the foundation, it is time to install a deep foundation system. This system pushes rods below the incompetent soil so they are resting on bedrock. Once attached to the foundation, it is essentially resting on bedrock as well.

Dalinghaus Construction offers the same services for commercial buildings as we do for residential buildings.

Free Foundation Repair Inspection and Estimate in Fontana, CA

We offer free foundation repair inspections to our neighbors in Fontana. It is the best way to know what is going on underneath your home. Unlike other types of inspections, such as building or pest inspections, a foundation inspection is thorough and leaves no stone unturned.

Fill out the form on our website for your free foundation inspection. After doing so, one of our friendly foundation experts will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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