Foundation Repair & Construction Services in Mount Laguna

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For the small village of Mount Laguna, foundation repair may not come up too much. Although, when you are living alongside the mountains and forests you may encounter some issues. In the winter months this tiny town gets snow as well. This means that there are ways for foundation problems to affect your Mount Laguna home or business.

Foundation Problems and Water Damage in Mount Laguna

When a structure is built alongside a mountain there is constant pressure from the surrounding soil. Retaining walls can buckle from the outside pressure which can harm the structural integrity of your foundation and therefore your home. Pressure from the soil can also cause cracking throughout your home, so keep an eye out for stair-step cracks, cracks around doors and windows, and wide vertical cracks.

Snow can cause both foundation issues and water damage. When soil freezes and melts it can heave which can cause a variety of problems in your foundation. During the freezing period the soil will shrink, leaving behind voids under your home’s foundation. This leave the foundation with little to no support. When the soil warms back up it will heave, putting immense pressure on your foundation. Continuous cycles of this can do massive damage do your home.

In terms of water damage, when snow melts the water can leak into your home through cracks and any other openings. Besides the obvious side effects like mold, mildew, and wood rot, water can worsen or increase the chances of cracking walls, floors, or ceilings around your home. It can be easy to put off getting your home or business inspected and even easier to wait on repairs, but the longer you wait the worse the problems will get. Contact us today for a free inspection. We’ll help find the right solution for your Mount Laguna home or business!