This is the company you need to call!!!!! We had an issue where our sunken living room would flood every time it rained. With all the rain we have received lately this was a real problem. We talked to other companies but they did not understand the urgency of our situation. My wife and I were sleeping in shifts so we could vacuum up the water every time it rained. We were pumping out 9 gallons of water every 4 minutes with a shop vacuum for hours.

Once we contacted Dalinghaus Construction, they understood the situation and went above and beyond to develop a comprehensive plan to resolve our problem. Some of the people that assisted us were on vacation between Christmas and New Years, but they took the time to help us. Tom and Jamie: I can not say enough, you guys are AWESOME!!! With all the rain we have had in the past month, we would never have been able to cope.

Dalinghaus Construction’s work and craftsmanship are beyond reproach, customer service and attention to detail are outstanding. Don’t waste your time or money calling anyone else, Call Dalinghaus Construction, you will be very happy you did.

And by the way, since our job was completed, Temecula has had almost 5 inches of rain, not one drop in our living room. Not only do we have our house watertight again, but now we have peace of mind that it will stay that way.

Todd P Temecula , CA Yelp - Waterproofing April 10, 2017