Repairing Settling Patio at Mesa, AZ Home

Repairing Mesa, AZ Settling Patio

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Donna was talking to a friend about how bad of a trip hazard was forming in the concrete of her Mesa home’s patio. Not only did she hate the way it looked, but it was also something becoming relatively dangerous for those walking around her backyard. Her friend recommended reaching out to our team at Dalinghaus Construction after she had work completed at her own home. As you can see from some of the pictures below, 4 separate concrete slabs were settling, moving, or heaving and the homeowner wanted the area repaired properly!

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

Andrew, one of our Project Managers, was able to design a repair plan utilizing polyurethane injections to lift and level the concrete slabs that had settled.  The expanding, geopolymer foam would gently and precisely fill any voids beneath the slabs and lift them back to place, where they were originally poured.  All in all, Andrew used several injection locations to repair the entire patio, before filling the dime sized port holes and blending them in with the now pristine concrete.

As you can see from the photos, once Andrew cleaned up the concrete patio was lifted and looked as good as it did new!  Not only was the trip hazard gone, but it was backed with our 10 year warranty!

Project Information

PROJECT MANAGER: Andrew Feigenbaum
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