Are You a Candidate for a Dalinghaus Foundation Repair Inspection?

If you are a homeowner who lives in Southern California or Central Arizona, then yes. It really is that simple. The only disqualifier is if your home is currently in escrow, in which case there is a $400 inspection fee.    

We also work with:

  •   HOA’s
  •   Home Builders
  •   Real-estate Agents
  •   Government entities
  •   Private/Public Institutions
  •   Property Managers

*Note – All Evaluations are FREE (unless it involves a real-estate transaction, i.e. escrow)

Our clientele can essentially be broken up into two groups:

  •   Residential
  •   Commercial

The general scope of our work covers:

Residential projects are our bread and butter, making up the vast majority of our work. Before homeowners book an inspection, we encourage them to read ourblog to better understand the signs and symptoms of foundation heave and foundation settlement

  •   Leaning Chimneys
  •   Sloped Floors
  •   Sheetrock Cracks
  •   Sticky Doors and Windows

Because we also live in an area of frequent seismic activity we encourage SoCal homeowners to read What Causes Earthquakes (Complications & Impact on Foundations) and Residential Seismic Retrofitting.

After narrowing down your signs and symptoms, you should have a pretty good idea if the structural integrity of your foundation is compromised or not.

If you believe your foundation is failing, this is the time to reach out to Dalinghaus for a free foundation inspection.   

On the free foundation inspection page, you will notice there is a video to watch, which goes over how all of your personal information is safe and secure, and a section to fill out your personal information, including:

  •   First Name
  •   Last Name
  •   Email
  •   Phone Number
  •   Type of Foundation

o   Raised

o   Slab on Grade

  •   Is your house on the market

*Note – if you are not sure what kind of foundation you have, if you have a crawlspace it is a raised foundation. Your foundation specialist would be happy to clear up any questions during your video chat.  

In this section, there is room to upload some photos and leave a detailed description/message of the problem or signs and symptoms.

It’s helpful to read through our articles so you can even co-op some of our terminologies. Examples might be –

Novice – Look at this crack.

Intermediate – this sheetrock crack juts out from my doorframe.

Expert – Look at this stairstep crack in my fireplace brick. In addition, my front door sticks when I try to open it, and my floor is sloped (I did the marble trick). I believe this is probably due to foundation settlement (which the blog claims is the most common in California). I would like an inspection to double-check. Also, the blog is so well-written, The National Book Award is in Dalinghaus’ future…

Research is Key

 Really, our blog is your best resource when determining if you need a foundation inspection.

Knowledge is power.

Before making any significant large purchase, the consumer utilizes research.

Foundation repair is no different from buying a car or new home in that regard.

Obviously, we believe Dalinghaus is the way to go in terms of foundation repair, our project design specialists offering unparalleled quality service that gets the job done right.   

If you live in Southern California or Central Arizona and would like to book a FREE foundation inspection, please click the link below –


Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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