After The Flip – Fixing a Foundation After Buying From A House Flipper

After The Flip - Fixing a Foundation After Buying From A House Flipper

Project Background

The home was located in Brea, CA. Like many new home owners, this couple was very excited when they purchased their home in Brea California. The home had a very modern design and many sparkling new amenities. Looking at the interior, nearly every item had been upgrade or replace. Beautiful new tile, new kitchen appliances, modern back splash, freshly painted walls…the works! It looked beautiful both inside and out. Unfortunately, it was hiding a secret. Something was not right with one of the most important part of a home, the foundation.

It started oddly enough with a noise. The homeowner started hearing sharp cracking noises in a few of their rooms.
Then they started to see where the noise was coming from. Their new home was settling and the noises and cracks
were proof.

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