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Orange County Transit Authority – Slab Leveling

Project Background Information:

The project location is located at a major transportation hub for the Orange County Transit Authority in Newport Beach. The bus hub has large 20 ton busses, that arrive at the terminals and pick up passengers every 15 minutes to transport them to other bus terminals throughout Orange County. An issue that had come up and had not been getting any better, was every-time that the busses entered the station, they would have to drive over an area of the road that had a misaligned crack running perpendicularly across it. This crack was misaligned by about 2 inches in some areas and it was causing the drivers and passengers to bounce as they traveled over the crack. After doing this bouncing multiple times a day, for multiple years, the bus drivers and passengers were starting to develop back pains and some were even experiencing kidney pains in the more severe cases.

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