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Foundation Repair In Silverado, CA

foundation inspection

Silverado, CA, was once an area of the Santa Ana mountains mined for silver in the 19th and 20th centuries early in its founding. This small city with its small population is a lovely place for residential and commercial property owners.

This all said the area is susceptible to foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues, especially since the area is on a slope.

These issues are things that can be taken care of, especially when you have reliable foundation repair contractors like Dalinghaus Construction in the area.

We’ve been in the foundation repair business since 2015, providing foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall services for over 2,300 property owners throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. We understand the problems property owners like you have to deal with, becoming a trusted foundation repair contractor that completes projects with attention to detail you can rely on.

Signs of foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues in Silverado, CA

If you find only one of these signs, don’t worry about it being a larger foundation issue. It’s when you find more than one sign that you’ll want to have a contractor come to your property who is qualified, licensed, and has good reviews.

You’ll know your home has crawlspace issues when you can feel your floor sag as though you’re slowly sinking. This is happening for two potential reasons: 1) the wood holding your floor is deteriorating, or 2) the posts and pads aren’t properly holding up your floor.

Moisture is the top cause of retaining wall failure. You’ll see it start to bow, buckle, lean, and crack (if the damage is that bad).

The slopes along with the soil cause problems for residential and commercial property owners like you in Silverado, CA, especially when moisture is present. You might be dealing with soil erosion or the clay soils are expanding/shrinking (depending on the amount of moisture present). Most foundation problems are due to foundation settlement, which involves your residential or commercial building slowly sinking into the ground when the soil dries.

If you’re noticing any of the signs listed on your property, make sure you contact a foundation repair professional to come out and do an inspection. Dalinghaus Construction can come out, assess the problem, and come up with quality solutions for your foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall.

How the foundation repair process looks in Silverado, CA

Retaining wall and crawlspace repair are included in this process.

The first stage consists of a FREE 60-90 minute inspection of your property with one of our Project Design Specialists, who looks for signs of foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues. While they go around, they create a scaled drawing of your property with floor elevation measurements to figure out exactly what’s happening and to later come up with a recommended foundation repair solution.

If the property inspected is on the market, there is a cost of $1,000, which is credited toward your foundation, crawlspace, or retaining wall repair.

The second step happens either the day of or after your initial inspection. You’ll receive a recommended repair plan from the Project Design Specialist that was at your property. This includes a full report on what was found during your inspection, a CAD drawing of your property, and the recommended repair plan.

If you agree to proceed with your project, your foundation, crawlspace, and/or retaining wall repair will be scheduled. One of our production teams will go out to your property to do your project. Your repairs will be completed, making these problems a thing of the past on your residential or commercial property.

Methods of foundation and crawlspace repair used in Silverado, CA

To stabilize your foundation, the two most common methods Dalinghaus Construction uses are galvanized steel Push pier and Helical pier underpinning systems.

Each system is used for the same purpose of foundation stabilization, meaning your residential or commercial building no longer has to worry about slowly sinking into the soil. They can also be used for foundation leveling, which involves lifting the area affected by foundation settlement and getting it as close to level with the rest of the building.

The main difference lies based on how each system is installed since each pier is designed differently.

Push piers are galvanized steel tubes that are hydraulically driven, or “pushed,” into the ground using the weight of your residential or commercial building until reaching loadbearing strata. When the building is too light for Push piers to be effective, Helical piers are used in their place.

Helical piers have helices at the base that allow them to be hydraulically driven into the soil like a screw using a helical torque motor. They’re driven in until reaching the recommended torque or competent soil. The Helical piers are then attached to retrofit brackets bolted to the footing of your residential or commercial building.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with soil erosion or you decided to lift your residential or commercial building, the soil needs to be densified under that slab-on-grade foundation. Deep injection with Polyurethane foam can be used to densify soil, fill voids, and is capable of releveling buildings if the circumstances call for it. Polyurethane foam is rapidly expansive, lightweight, cures in 15 minutes, can be as hard as concrete when under enough pressure, and is environmentally friendly.

When you want your floor to be relatively level, our production team will do crawlspace repair by A) replacing deteriorated wood like girder beams or B) installing crawlspace jacks to hold the wood supporting your floor.

As for foundation cracks, this can happen in a couple of ways depending on what you’re dealing with. You can have a glue-like resin called Epoxy gravity fed into the crack. When it dries, it can hold your foundation together. The other alternative is using Carbon Fiber wrapping, which is applied onto the crack to provide strength to your foundation and keep water out of the gaps so your rebar isn’t affected.

How your retaining wall is repaired

As previously mentioned, moisture is the number one culprit in retaining wall failure. So what can be done to rectify that problem? Your retaining wall will be retrofitted with weep holes. That way moisture has an easy escape and less pressure is applied to your retaining wall.

To keep your retaining wall stable, Helical tiebacks will be put in to offer support. Think of them like Helical piers, except they’re used to go against lateral movement. Small holes will be put into your wall so the tiebacks can fit in and be driven into the soil until reaching loadbearing strata or the recommended torque. They’re anchored to your retaining wall to provide that hillside stabilization.

Reasons for foundation, crawlspace, and hillside repair in Silverado, CA


Your residential or commercial building won’t look like the rest of the nature that surrounds you when foundation issues cause cosmetic damage. Cosmetic damage comes back or gets worse so long as your foundation has problems.


You’ll notice foundation issues when they’re cosmetic, though they can become structural if you put off your foundation repair. That puts your property at risk of being red-tagged.


If you’re looking to permanently get rid of the damages or plan to remodel, having foundation repair will let you do these tasks. The problems won’t heal themselves like the human body. They tend to get worse if they’re not taken care of.


You’ll notice your day-to-day being affected by foundation issues, especially when your floors feel off and your window and doors are difficult to open and close. Foundation repair can prevent your day-to-day from becoming more difficult.

home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Sagging floors on your raised foundation aren’t comforting. They can even be a hazard. Crawlspace repair can have your floor level and provide you with the comfort you deserve.


Hillside stabilization with retaining wall repair is important for keeping the soil on your property where it’s at. Lateral movemencan sometimes exacerbate the foundation or crawlspace issues you’re already dealing with.


Foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues need to be legally disclosed if you put your property on the market. Banks are less likely to loan on properties with foundation problems, limiting you to Cash Buyers. They can negotiate the price down by 30% of its full value.


Foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall repair make sense for the longevity, stability, and value of your property. You’ll want to take these issues seriously to ensure your property lasts longer than a lifetime.

Schedule a foundation inspection to have someone look at your Silverado, CA, property

You’ll want to take foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues seriously for the sake of your property. After all, it’s one of your top investments in life. You want to feel at ease knowing your investment will be fine.

Schedule your foundation inspection with Dalinghaus Construction to have one of our experts come to take a look at your residential or commercial property. We’ll go in that crawlspace and check your retaining wall, too. And we want to find the best solution to fit your needs.

To get started, you can go online or call Dalinghaus Construction at (877)360-9277 to schedule a foundation inspection today.

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